Mixed abilities, mixed high/low impact, includes HIIT and Zumba! All Welcome.

24th September 2017, 1pm – 2.30pm

Your Instructor is Kathy.  Minimum donation £12.  

There is no maximum donation!


2B Crystal Palace Road,  SE22 9HB

0333 005 0402


F i t n e s s  AND  F u n !!

The Mind, Body and Soul Coach specializes in tailored programs for South London clients that combine over 30 years experience in personal fitness with well-being coaching and dietary advice.

So what makes personal training with the mind, body and soul coach so different? Well, I focus on you and your needs at each and every session, across a range of techniques tailored to suit you, mind body and soul.

Before devising a tailored program, I will appraise your health history, current fitness and lifestyle. You'll set activity goals, realistic action plans, commit to writing a food/activity diary occasionally; exercise class / fitness assessment. This introductory session is helpful to meet up and essentially to get to know your requirements in detail.

You can book Personal Training packages securely on my website by using the Paypal buttons - show true commitment and save money by buying a Body Gold, Silver or Bronze package.

They say it takes 28 days to change a habit: book as many sessions as you can fit in for the first 5 weeks and you'll be on the right track with changed habits for life! When it's important enough and your subconscious, higher self and conscious are aligned, it will happen.  

Some people finish their exercise with relaxing Reiki or Shiatsu stretches - even a few minutes makes a difference; some use half their time with habit change techniques; each session is different as you progress and new goals emerge. Book extra time for NLP, Reiki or Psych-K with the BODY & MIND package.

Contact me for sessions to fit around your life, I can arrange 45, 60, 90 minutes or half days (3 hours).  Discounts offered for 3 or more sessions per week.

I love to teach personal training clients in their homes and my favourite parks in South London and Surrey, particularly Dulwich, Herne Hill and Forest Hill. But if you want personal training or wellbeing coaching and are based in London or South of France, contact me  and we can find a solution that fits your needs.

I specialize in people who want to feel fit, and people who are overweight, and age 40+.  The mind, body and soul approach is about exercise to suit individual preferences and your needs, your unique lifestyle and body composition, your motivations (What you want and Why). You can even prove your commitment to yourself and book in some fitness coaching every day!  Most clients want to lose excess body-fat; you could drop a size in as little as a week with adequate exercise, proper hydration, rest and sleep, stress management, dietary adaptations, re-evaluating it's worth and making it a priority. Maybe you want to become stronger so that it impacts positively in your future as well as your present day-to-day, and even relationships.

Of course you'll need effort and determination.  I'll remind you of your "why" and motivate you every step of the way so you're changing your thinking and believe in your success. I'll help you subconsciously install drive, determination, faith and confidence to succeed in your fitness and health goals. Naturally.

Now in my 50's, exercise and dance continue to be a "fountain of youth" coupled with healthy eating and lifestyle. My Personal Training clients in London and South of France range from age 16 to 70+. With over 30 years experience in teaching dance, exercise, well-being, nutrition, body confidence and public performance, you'll benefit from continued education as well as your personal development and a holistic mind-body-soul overview. 

Having been a professional dancer in the 80s, dancing is a passion I refuse to give up! Nowadays, I've swapped the PineappIe Studio for the local gym in Dulwich where I teach ZUMBA GOLD classes.

Check out for up to date class details.

I run a specialised Zumba Gold exercise class for 60+ adults who want to feel forever young. But of course Zumba Gold can be adapted for everybody... they are low impact with all the flavour and spice of regular Zumba but without hops, fast speed, complicated choreography nor dizzying turns!  Suitable for pre-natal and post-natal ladies, those returning to exercise or want to have a fun hour to "guilty pleasures" tunes and music from around the world.  Contact me if you'd like me to hold classes for your colleagues and friends.

"Kathy is an inspirational personal trainer. She gets the balance right between carrot and stick - getting you to work out longer and further than you'd perhaps imagine you could, to maximise the benefits."    
David Whistance, Photographer/Finance Director
"I feel in great shape. I have lost a stone and a half in two months. I feel better than ever and much more motivated in my work. Well worth the money and effort."   David, IT Consultant
"Well, Kathy is always bright and cheerful which I love, she helps you brush away all the day-to-day rubbish that preoccupies one's mind, she dispels that lethargy that can set in when the world overwhelms one; she spurs me on to keep my standards of everything personal high, she brings out the positive in one and gives out energy, she always finds something encouraging to say whatever state one is in, her detailed records can show that progress has been made which can help sometimes. My feeling of well being is much more consistent than before both emotionally and physically."   M, Company Director and Restaurateur.

Bride-to-be:   "Tried on dresses and slipped easily into size 10s. Thank you for providing the motivation!" 

Later, as the Bride: "I wanted to thank you so much for your support in the months leading up to my wedding. Due to your regular encouragement and your sound advice, I felt fantastic on my special day. I felt relaxed, calm, healthy and glowing with excitement. I owe much of this to you...Once again, thanks for making my day so special."
The Groom:  "What can I say... looked amazing, stunning, beautiful - and therefore thank you for helping her with her fitness and health."

-  This lady made herself 3 dress sizes smaller for her wedding.

"The remarkable thing about Kathy's personal training sessions was how adaptable she was. When I was a pregnant mother, with a toddler, she would alter the class depending on whether we needed to be quiet for the sleeping child or outside. She was careful to monitor my changing needs as my pregnancy progressed, keeping me wonderfully, but safely, fit throughout.  She even had me using my children as weights to lift!  We both really miss her now we are no longer in London."   Rosalind Whistance, Editor
"The best lesson Kathy has taught me has been about diet management and she has re-educated my eating patterns - which could be described as high in sugar and disorganized. She is a great personality, full of light, life and energy and has taught me to fit in exercise whenever you can, however you can. Kathy is a ray."   Sarah, City worker.
"I first met Kathy when she was doing personal training, prior to her reiki and life coaching business. She was a great motivator...unfortunately due to job loss and other events, I plunged into depression. Kathy was the only thing that kept me going. I remember days of total silence, yet Kathy put up with a complete zombie. Kathy herself has come through a lot of things in life and is one of the most postiive, joyful people I know. She will enhance your life!"    Marjorie Ellis Thompson, 2001.  Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.

Cecile, a chef, is a tall, willowy, slim lady, mother of two toddlers at the time; she worked part-time, smoked cigarettes, had no previous injuries. She told me that she wanted to be stronger and to have more energy. After some months working together, she said that the physical benefits affected her personal and emotional life in positive ways so she was better able to cope (her husband was violent to her). Subsequently, she left her abusive husband, moved out of London and proudly told me that she "ran for 1 hour, have not smoked for 5 days and remembers everything you told me"!  So happy!

"Kathy's determined and persistent encouragement really kept me going. She is herself a remarkable advertisement for sheer grit, tenacity and dedication and somehow manages to transfer these qualities to clients of all kinds. I strongly recommend her as a trainer, life coach and great all-around human being!"   Marjorie, Management Consultant.
"There's not much Kathy doesn't know about fitness. She herself is the fittest person I know.  She always invests a lot of time and care in her personal clients and gets excellent results.  Her Zumba classes are fun and energising and Kathy ensures everyone who attends them has fun as well as getting a good workout."   Rachel, Costume Maker, 2010.  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.    
" I first met Kathy at her Zumba classes and was immediately struck by her smile. It made me think I want what she’s got!!  I decided then to embark on some one to one sessions as I felt I needed some extra support in order to tackle some ongoing issues.  My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty'; through Reiki, its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly. Sometimes we’ve spent sessions on planning and implementing strategies for helping me order my life, as there are occasions when I can be overwhelmed.  I can always tell when I’ve just had a session as my approach is calmer and more productive.  Perhaps the most surprising thing is that coming from a scientific background I was initially fairly sceptical.  However I can highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a tailor-made programme to support them at different times.Thank you, Kathy. Yours, Olivia. "