Next  Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, Level 1 & 2 courses:

Level 1, LONDON, Saturday 28 April, 12-4pm and Sunday 29 April, 12-3pm.   £155.

Level 2 (Practitioner), LONDON, Saturday 28 April, 12-5pm and Sunday 29 April, 11am-4pm.  £232.

Level 1/2, FRANCE, Thursday 19 April 2018, 1pm-6pm, and Friday 20 April, 10am-2pm (level 1) 10am-4pm (level 2).  With or without accommodation at our ancient farmhouse, with Welcome dinner, breakfast, heated saltwater pool; see "Learn Reiki" page. 

Other levels/dates, please enquire.

"The process of attunement is what sets Reiki apart from every other laying on of hands or touch healing. The attunement is not a treatment, it creates the healer. From this point on, the person who has received the attunement is a Reiki practitioner." Diane Stein, author "Essential Reiki"

I teach First Degree, also called Reiki I, to adults and children from age 5; and Second Degree, level 2 (age 18+) courses, and Master level (adults), from my private practices in London and in Grasse St Jacques, French Riviera.  Individually or in small groups up to 4 people.  After attending Reiki I and sufficient self-practice, expect to feel confident to give reiki to your family, friends and pets as well as yourself.   

At Second Degree, or Reiki II, the Practitioner level, you'll experience further positive mental and emotional shifts; and after sufficient self-practice and on others and joining a professional reiki organisatiion with appropriate insurance, you can call yourself a Reiki Practitioner and can charge for giving Reiki treatments to others. 

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Usui Holy Fire II Reiki, level 1 Course

Take this course if you would like to give yourself Reiki treatments whenever you like, for life.  A month or so after this course and self-practice as instructed, your can expect to confidently give yourself full reiki treatments to promote self-healing, as well as to your family and friends.  Positive physical and behavioural changes are commonly experienced after Reiki I.

1 and-a-half day courses.   Although Reiki  level I Courses can be held in just one day, I prefer to see you the day after the Reiki initiation on day 1, so that I can sense how you are and you can tell me how you feel.   You can appreciate how important this is! 

Follow up with email/phone support;  I also host optional occasional Reiki shares with meditations (£10 / 10 Euros) where we exchange Reiki in turn, in a small group.

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Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal buttons below. £155 per adult, half price per child age 6-16 years.

Reiki I Course content :

learn about Reiki, history, Reiki ideals, lineage, time and space

receive 4 Reiki Meditations and the Reiki Placement (attunement)  

how to treat yourself, friends, family and pets

how to scan people and things

mindful relaxation techniques, reiki-specific meditations and visualisations 

understand the energy body - chakras, meridians, auras and our body's systems

practice eastern and western Reiki hand positions for healing yourself, family, pets, computer, car...

contraindications, cautions; healing crises in case they arise; ways to clear a space of harmful negativity

Reiki Manual and Certificate.


Follow up with self-treatments for 21 days to allow your whole being to absorb the Reiki energies across all chakra and auric levels and escalate your energy. If you experience a crisis within the 21 days, I offer Healing Attunements at no charge.

It's important to keep yourself properly hydrated as this enhances the effectiveness of reiki treatments.  Keep me updated with your reiki journey - it lasts a lifetime! You can book a confidential coaching session with me to discuss your personal concerns, wishes and progress.  I hold occasional Reiki "shares" so you can meet other reiki people, ask questions, give reiki to one another in turn. You can still book Reiki treatments with me afterwards for yourself, at half price.  Healing Attunements are available if you suffer any life crises in the future, for the price of a Reiki treatment (allow up to an hour).

After 3 months or less, you could be confidently giving reiki to your loved ones

Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal buttons below. £155 per adult, half price per child age 6-16 years with accompanying carer.

I had an amazing experience the past two days, a lot of different physical feelins and emotional feelings, some of them I had never experienced before.
I was very tense and worried before I came for the first session but I am now so glad that I went through this process; I have a feeling of relief (huge relief) inside of me but also peace, joy, happiness and contentment.  I hope to hold these feelings with me always.  Thank you so much Kathy for making this experience as gentle and smooth as possible, it has made all the difference I guess and thank you for sharing this gift."    Pauline, after Reiki I Attunements, January 2018.

After spending time with Kathy and teaching me reiki course 1, I have kept practising self healing everyday and I'm learning more and more about the power of reiki. For 15 years I've had a very self destructive daily habit that as much as I tried over and over again, I kept on failing to stop the repetitive behaviour. During my 21-day self healing, I found the strength to just stop! I can't tell you how much of a miracle it feels to me. It has and will continue to make a positive difference in all areas of my life. And I'm so so thankful to you Kathy - you are a warm, caring, shining light."   Chrissie, 2017.

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki, level II Course (Practitioner level)

Take this Reiki II course if you'd like to develop your Reiki and help more people in this uniquely healing way, or set up as a Reiki Practitioner  Taking Reiki II typically promotes additional mental and emotional changes.  A few months afterwards and with sufficient home practice, you can expect to confidently send distant reiki and set up as a Reiki Practitioner (with your country's insurance for complementary therapists).   

1 and-a-half day course, or the equivalent:

  • Reiki II Placement (attunement)
  • review your Reiki I
  • scanning, what to do, and practice
  • Holy Fire Reiki meditations
  • learn powerful sacred Reiki symbols and the Holy Fire symbol, and how and when to use them
  • what you might experience when giving reiki to others
  • practice Reiki on others
  • distant/absent Reiki, for your home, family/friends, important event/goal
  • all you need to develop your own Reiki practice should you wish to become a Practitioner of Reiki.  
  • You will be asked to invite a friend or family member (for 1 hour only) to give a reiki treatment to on during the course - they'll get lovely reiki free, and I can assess your giving Reiki to a new person!
  • Manual and Certificate
  • light refreshments and snacks

PRICE  Reiki II Course £232.  10% discount per person for yourself and friends who take the course with you. 

Dates at top of page.  Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal buttons below.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki: Master and Teacher Courses

This can take a year or less, several days spread over a few months.  You will benefit from a year of mentoring, guidance and support.  The commitment to healing is for a lifetime.  Contact me for availability and to book. 

Reiki Master Course

  • purpose of Master level
  • review of Reiki I and II and Holy Fire II Reiki
  • Master symbol
  • Holy Fire symbol
  • Reiki meditations
  • Master Placement (attunement)
  • practical sessions on each other
  • daily exercises
  • Manual and Certificate

  • Teacher training:

    • in-person training days and ongoing support by email, phone, for a year
    • review of Reiki I, II, III (ART/Master) and Holy Fire II
    • the purpose of Reiki IIIa
    • teaching Reiki
    • setting up your own courses
    • healing crises, what to do
    • Reiki meditations
    • learn how to do Placements (attunements)
    • daily exercises 
    • sit in and help teach a Reiki I or II course
    • Certificate

    By the end of your training you will be ready to teach Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, at all levels, confidently.


    Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, Master level,  £350. 

    (Separate) Teacher training, over the following year or so, £350.

    Contact me for dates and to tell me why you'd like to become a Reiki Master and/or Teacher. 

    Pay by cash, cheque or Paypal buttons below.

    For courses in France, see   (Learn Reiki page).