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Stop a bad habit, change debilitating thoughts and behaviour, install positive and better attitudes and beliefs, make it easier to maintain balance in your life, lose excess weight much more easily, stop smoking,; cope with success; better deal with fears, angst, sadness, guilt, anger, overwhelm, boredom, lack, worthiness.
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 "What did you do to me?!  I've reduced my (5 hours a day) TV watching habit by 50% to an "in control" 2 and-a-half hours a day, am more selective and enjoy it more."    Lesley, Administrator.

I have worked with Kathy since I think from 2009. I had a list of things that I wanted to do and achieve. I am glad to say most has been ticked off. Each year starts with a focused session on what's to be done that year and Kathy always help me focus on the task ahead."  Sumita, business entrepreneur.

NLP / Psych-K, online Zoom/phone

£80 for 70-90 minutes online,  

£210 for 3x 1hour online sessions

Available using Zoom online or WhatsApp videophone.

Contact me for a brief chat about what you'd like to achieve during our session/s and to book.  (Scroll down for In Person appointments.)

IN-PERSON NLP/Psych-K appointments

1 session 90 minutes £95

NLP/Psych-K at my private practice,   Contact me to book.

3 sessions  £270

NLP/Psych-K 70-90 minutes each, at my private practice,  Contact me to book.

1 session, 2 hours £120

NLP/Psych-K at my private practice,  Contact me to book.

Stop Smoking

Please book a 2-hour session. A follow-up appointment may not be required!

In as few as 3 sessions, you could conquer nagging negative feelings and take control of your life more easily, effortlessly even.  Scroll down to book, or contact me.


  • an interactive process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, willpower, meditation and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioural and habi9t change, wellness and stress reduction
  • it is non-invasive, positively focussed and has a proven record of success for over 30 years
  • a simply powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging
  • a unique blend of various tools for change, contemporary and ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research as well as ancient mind/body wisdom
  • a ground-breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • Psych-K works in person as well as via videophone!


stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!  NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others. It was developed by modelling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients. NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that. It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results. 

Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. 

You can change what you believe, and your life will then change too.  Sometimes life goes through a difficult patch; sometimes we're reminded of stuff we thought was sorted and feel those bad feelings all over again.  Sometimes we "just can't help it" and carry on suffering.  Why not do things differently this time?  

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and PSYCH-K(r)  (psychology and kinesiology)

rewrite the software of the subconscious mind to transform your life. Before you know it, you believe and embody your goals and desires, and feel lighter, clearer and empowered to take positive action.

  • Stretch your imagination
  • speak with confidence, , listen attentively, be heard and supported
  • be confident, assertive and motivated in any area of life
  • make goals and plans and see them through
  • control habits and get over stuff
  • neutralise fears
  • lessen loneliness and struggle
  • understand yourself and others better
  • keep your resolutions, be more positive
  • have better relationships
  • express yourself with clarity
  • increase learning
  • be better organised
  • manage people and time better
  • de-clutter
  • look forward to things with excitement, hope and faith 
  • turn treasured dreams into reality...

 Email/phone me, tell me what you'd like to achieve and let's make an appointment in person or by videophone.

I feel so blessed.  I really enjoyed working with you yesterday.  I felt safe and nurtured, heard and balanced.  I sang "Let the sunshine in" this morning.  Most importantly, I feel as if something is happening and going to happen in a really good way.  No if's, but's or maybe's.  And I've already started approaching things in a more adult way.  With responsibility, awareness, empathy and responsibility again.  It feels different.  Thank-you!"   Amanda R, August 2019.

I love working with Kathy because she genuinely cares for her patients and is very supportive even after the sessions.  She is also well prepared and very knowledgeable on many healing modalities.  Psych-K is no magical pill but it certainly helps you on an emotional level and set proper platforms for you to achieve your goals.  I had emotional problems with loving myself and my partner and Psych-K has helped me go further on this journey in such a way that I can love on a broader spectrum and all of my partner.  I have tried many modalities before but working with Kathy I began seeing results in the first week.  I definitely recommend her and invite you to see for yourself. Feel free to contact me if you'd like a direct testimonial."  Antonio Z, London 2020.  


Adjust your Perception, re-write your genes?!  Oh, Yes please!  Try this test...


Which of these BASIC BELIEFS make you automatically nod "Yes" to, and which make you feel UNcomfortable?  Tell me the ones you feel uncomfortable with, and you could change un-comfortable to comfortably positive beliefs that will last as long as your subconscious deems useful - could be a lifetime!  

Check your reactions for each of these positive beliefs that you Want to be true. Feel free to write your own statements for us to work with (positively stated in the first person). This list will give you lots of ideas to get started… 

"I Believe… 

 I am safe and supported  

 I am loved, I love all of me

     I am enough

 I love my life and how it's progressing

 I am healthy in mind and body 

 I deserve to be loved unconditionally

 I have healthy, nurturing relationships 

 I am free to be happy and healthy

 I nurture my body in healthy and loving ways

 I allow the healing energy of love to flow through me now

 It is safe and enjoyable for me to be at my ideal physical weight

 I love and accept my body now and as it changes

 I see beauty in all the parts of my body

 My body heals itself, naturally and quickly

 I am the embodiment of Divine intelligence

 My body knows just what I need and I listen to it 

 My life matters 

 I am a good person 

 I am competent and successful

 I am powerful 

 I experience life fully 

 I trust myself to _______________ 

 I forgive myself for ____________ 

 I love and accept myself exactly as I am 

 I arrive on time for appointments 

 I accept what I cannot change 

 I let go of the need for struggle 

 It’s okay to make mistakes 

 I trust myself 

 It’s easy and fun for me to change 

 I learn new things easily. 

 I have the power to create my reality 

 There is room for me in the world 

 I love and approve of myself 

 I trust myself to make wise financial choices 

 I deserve to have all the money I need. It is okay for me to have more money than I need 

 Abundance is everywhere in my life 

 I deserve to be well paid for work I love, I am paid well for my wonderful work  

 Money flows to me easily and effortlessly 

 My ideal clients can afford my services 

 I am ready to financially thrive now 

 I give and receive money with love and gratitude 

 I am joyfully living my life purpose 

 It is safe for me to succeed, I release all barriers to success 

 My presence makes a difference in the world 

 I trust myself to use time wisely 

 I easily balance work, rest and play 

 My potential is unlimited, I have limitless potential  

 I can change the world, I am lighting up my world 

 I let go of the need for others to approve of me 

 I forgive my mother for ________________________ 

 I forgive my father for _________________________ 

 I forgive _________ for _______________________ 

 I’m compassionate and curious when criticism happens 

 I let go of the need to judge myself 

 I forgive myself for my imperfections, I am OK with myself just as I am  

 I bless and release all those who have caused me pain 

 I let go of the need to be right 

 It is safe for me to love and be loved, I am worthy of a loving, intimate relationship 

 I have healthy boundaries in all my relationships 

 I allow myself to be sensitive and compassionate in relationships, I am clear about what I want in a relationship 

 I am comfortable expressing my sexuality in a loving relationship 

 I am willing to risk loving and being loved 

 I am true to myself 

 I experience the presence of god/the divine/the creator/source within me 

 Miracles are a natural part of my life 

 I accept my life purpose 

 I embrace the opportunities that come with change 

 I allow my ultimate dreams and visions to come true 

 I am Divine Love 

 I release the past and live in the now 

 I trust the process of life 

 ... 

Remember  -  you are all-powerful, you can change your beliefs for a smoother happier existence. In every area of your life, the possibilities for changing your beliefs and your life are limitless!   

Belief Changes could be just 1 videophone call away!  

Email/phone me and tell me what you'd like to achieve in your thinking, and results.

...I was able to relax, face some of my emotions and was able to feel at peace... Thank you..."   Justine, 2018, Wellbeing Retreat.

 I contacted Kathy after a very difficult time in my personal life, a sudden and violent loss of a close family member, when I felt extremely helpless and down.  My goal was to regain a sense of control over my life, my emotions and my energy levels, and Kathy really helped. Kathy helped me to think about who I was, underneath the sadness, and who I wanted to be. Kathy also helped me to start taking control and move towards that person I used to be, and wanted to be again. It is now 6 months later and I feel so much more myself, stronger, and more able to look forward"    R, Management Consultant.
 Kathy helped me to overcome my challenge in presenting to prospects. She is so relatable and down-to-earth... the sessions were empowering and enjoyable ."   David, Business Coach and Civil Servant (focussing on delivering confident presentations)
"I would like to say thank-you for helping me realise what is important to me, and help me move forward leaving my past behind."   (Life Coaching, NLP, kinesiology muscle testing and healthy living advice)    Jane, Civil Administrator.

" I first met Kathy at her Zumba classes and was immediately struck by her smile. It made me think I want what she’s got!! I decided then to embark on some one to one sessions as I felt I needed some extra support in order to tackle some ongoing issues. My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty'; through Reiki, its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly. Sometimes we’ve spent sessions on planning and implementing strategies for helping me order my life, as there are occasions when I can be overwhelmed. I can always tell when I’ve just had a session as my approach is calmer and more productive. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that coming from a scientific background I was initially fairly sceptical. However I can highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a tailor-made programme to support them at different times. Thank you, Kathy. Yours, Olivia. "

A lady in her 30's, paralysed and wheel-chair bound after an accident many years ago, reported that she had made as much (physical) healing progress in 5 weeks (5 sessions) as she had in the past 2 years! From no sensations in her legs at all, she progressed to tingling in 1 foot, then in both, some feeling down the back of 1 leg, and felt more contact with the cushion she sits on in her wheelchair. We then had a year's break.  Working with her again, after 1 session she reported the next week that she can now feel the movement of water swishing in the bath - a feeling not felt since the paralysing accident! For the first time in a long while, she looks forward to a more positive future and getting back to "normal". (Using NLP, Reiki, EFT, Visualisation, strength and mobility exercises and dietary advice)

Instant change

We've all made decisions "in an instant" - or realized a change of heart "in a flash". Some people have these moments using NLP and Psych-K(r).  During our sessions, you'll experience those "Aha!" moments when you realize that you've made a big shift in your perception, attitudes and beliefs. 

Hypnotist Paul McKenna, motivational speakers Anthony Robbins, Christopher Howard, Andy Harris, authors Fiona Harrold and Dr Wayne Dyer, top sports coaches and great leaders use NLP techniques. Dr Bruce Lipton, co-creator with Robert Williams of Psych-K, recommends NLP in his book "The Biology of Belief". A great read. 

"May you recognize your divinity, discover your gratitude and become the peace you seek."  Rob Williams, originator of Psych-K.

Tell me what you'd like to achieve.  Contact me today!