Keeeep Dancing!

1-to-1 PT or group classes

£70  approx. 1 hour (Charges apply for out of the SE London Dulwich area.)  Zumba Gold is low impact with the exciting flavour and spice of regular Zumba but without hops, too-fast or complicated choreography, dizzying turns (unless you want and can include these).  Suitable for every body including pre-natal, post-natal, over 60s and seniors, people returning to exercise, and chair-bound. Just have fun!

Dance background

I was a jazz dance teacher-choreographer in the 1980s working 1-to-1 with Bananarama, Paul Young, Rick Astley, Mandy Smith, Pepsi & Shirley and many more singers, performers and models as well as teaching open classes.  Now in my 60s, I've swapped the dance studios of Covent Garden for local Dulwich Leisure Centre where I teach regular classes for over-60s. 

5 classes, £350.  (Charges apply for out of the SE London Dulwich area.)

Music:  old, new, Latino, world

Dance, feel the music, have fun and put your safety, fitness and wellbeing first. Get some friends together or book 1-to-1 just for yourself.  Play your favourite "guilty pleasures" music. Low impact, easy to follow moves are adapted for every body. Have a chair close by as a prop and for relaxing stretches.
Choose a well-ventilated room; wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat, soft-soled shoes.  Enjoy your Zumba dance party!

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I first met Kathy at her Zumba classes and was immediately struck by her smile. It made me think I want what she’s got!! I decided then to embark on some one to one sessions as I felt I needed some extra support in order to tackle some ongoing issues. My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty', through Reiki. Its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly. Sometimes we’ve spent sessions on planning and implementing strategies for helping me order my life, as there are occasions when I can be overwhelmed. I can always tell when I’ve just had a session as my approach is calmer and more productive. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that coming from a scientific background I was initially fairly sceptical. However I can highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a tailor-made programme to support them at different times.  Thank you, Kathy. Yours, Olivia."

" Thanks for your lovely classes."  Ruth, Zumba Gold classes.

" It's been a blast! Here's to next year..! "  Liz, Zumba Gold classes.

" Over many years., Kathy has provided the perfect balance of challenge and support to ensure I reach my short term goals or maintain my well being. She is knowledgeable, insightful , thoughtful and authentically focused on what I need without letting me off the hook! Thank you Kathy!"  Mel Richards, PT with Zumba.

" Kathy is an inspirational Personal Trainer. She gets the balance right between carrot and stick - getting you to work out longer and further than you'd perhaps imagine you could, to maximise the benefits."  David Whistance, Finance Director and Photographer.

" The remarkable thing about Kathy's Personal Training sessions was how adaptable she was. When I was a pregnant mother, with a toddler, she would alter the class depending on whether we needed to be quiet for the sleeping child, or outside. She was careful to monitor my changing needs as my pregnancy progressed, keeping me wonderfully, but safely, fit throughout. She even had me using my children as weights to lift! We both really miss her now we are no longer in London."  Rosalind Whistance, Editor.

" There's not much Kathy doesn't know about fitness. She herself is the fittest person I know.  She always invests a lot of time and care in her personal clients and gets excellent results.  Her Zumba classes are fun and energising and Kathy ensures everyone who attends them has fun as well as getting a good workout."   Rachel, Costume Maker, 2010.  "Personable, Expert, High Integrity."