During these challenging times, using Reiki has been a saviour for myself as well as helping many others.  During lockdown, keeping to UK Reiki Federation, CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and UK government guidelines, I can offer you:
  • on Zoom: Energy Healing Meditations and Reiki treatments
  • in-person Reiki treatments in my reiki room in London SE24
  • Distance Reiki (Reiki sent to you wherever you are, at any time)
  • Healing Spirit Attachments (in person or online)
  • Reiki Shares for those attuned to any style of Reiki, at my house (please enquire).  
SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS about Reiki, scroll down to book the session you'd like, and scroll down for the science behind Reiki..

See Learn Reiki page if you'd like to become attuned to Reiki at any level, or to upgrade your Reiki.

What to expect from a Reiki treatment

Peace, calm, ease.  Relax, release, let go and allow divine high vibrational energies to work on your behalf... 

Lie down on my Reiki bench, or if you're at home, your bed, sofa, grass/earth/beach, sit back on a comfy chair or even stand for a Reiki "shower".  A full treatment can take an hour, but shorter treatments are also beneficial. Drink water before and after.

You might feel deep calm, coolness or heat in certain areas, inner peace, self-love, forgiveness, empathy, grounded and earthed, connected to source energy and to all that is; pain might vanish, problems and ego can diminish, swelling reduce, creativity and imagination unleashed, your mind might sort out thoughts at superfast speeds or clear itself of thoughts, solutions to issues might present themselves, you might laugh, cry or cough, twitch or feel electrical impulses, dream vividly, fall asleep...  All this and more has been reported by people who who have had Reiki. Reiki, universal life force energy, is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and always works for a person's highest good.  Namaste.

Reiki Treatments, IN-PERSON

As a registrant of CNHC and UKRF and keeping to government guidelines, we are now permitted to meet for in-person Reiki treatments indoors.  Looking forward to seeing you at my practice in Herne Hill, London SE24. 
Allow just over 1 hour for a full treatment;  or 90 minutes for a Healing Spirit Attachments (Spirit Release) or Holy Fire Experience  session.  
Please avoid caffeine, stimulants and alcohol before and afterwards.  Drink water before and after.  Treatments take place fully clothed at my Reiki rooms at Casino Avenue London SE24.  The Reiki room is on the first floor and I respectfully ask that you remove your shoes; if stairs are a problem, give me a few hours' notice and I can set up in the living room instead.  The windows are kept open for ventilation; mask face covering is optional (I wear mine when giving Reiki); please use the hand sanitizers and respect social distancing where possible.  I take regular Covid tests and have had 2 immunisation jabs.
Prices below are for in-person treatments.   For  virtual/online/videophone/phone treatments, scroll down for Distance Reiki. 
email/phone to book

1 Reiki session in-person. £60 at my private practice:


Reiki for you + a friend (one after the other). £110 at my private practice (save £10):


10 in-person Reiki sessions, to be taken within 4 months.  £500.

Distance Reiki on
videophone or Zoom
1 hour full treatment £45; 
or, weekly 30 minutes for 6 weeks energy top-up £150;
1 hour weekly for 6 weeks £235.

Sometimes it's not possible to meet in person.  But with a photo, some of your details and email, or live online with Zoom / WhatsApp/FaceTime videocall, it is possible to send you Reiki.
Precious time for yourself or as a gift to a loved one . 
Receive Reiki in the comfort of wherever you may be, at a convenient time: it doesn't even need to be at the time we speak on the phone!
When You want it - that evening, the following morning, before a speech, during an operation, etc.
Who doesn't need their energy and spirits to feel topped up regularly?  Book several and put them in your diary to look forward to!
Email/text/phone me  I'll need your:
  • Full Name
  • Address where you'd like to receive Reiki (home/hospital/etc)
  • Photo with eyes open to camera
  • Date of birth
  • Time you'd like the Reiki to start (it will continue to work after the treatment ends).
Prepare a warm drink/water (avoid caffeine) to have beforehand and straight afterwards. Choose a quiet, relaxing place where you'll be undisturbed. Have a pen and paper handy to write your experiences if you wish.  Keep mobile devices out of the room (or on airplane mode);  set a gentle timer if you need to wake up at a certain time. 
Tell me when you book, in a couple of sentences, what you'd like from Reiki on this occasion.  It is recommended that you book a few treatments for particular issues to keep your vibrations high especially during lockdown or if your environments are low energy. 
Reiki works on the whole person not just one issue and for a person's highest good, whatever that may be. 
email or phone to arrange an appointment.

1 hour Distance Reiki. £45.

1 hour Distance Reiki, weekly for 6 weeks, send to you: top up your energies regularly.  (Times can be changed in advance)  £260..

30 minutes Distance Reiki, weekly for 6 weeks, sent to you: top up your energies regularly. (Times can be changed in advance)  £240.

Many people consider Reiki the simplest, purest, most solid and robust healing system on the planet; because Reiki can be used alone or in conjunction with other healing vibrations without those other vibrations changing or altering the purity of Reiki, or Reiki altering them.  In this capacity there is no equal.  Using Reiki alongside other healing methods has been shown to consistently benefit and further support the person receiving healing.  If you become attuned to Reiki (see Learn Reiki page), you can use it simultaneously with QiGong, Yoga, playing sports, putting the kids to sleep, writing important documents, visiting the dentist, relaxing, meditations... any time any place anywhere!  

It is not religious, but it is spiritual.

Reiki is good for

  • when you're worn out, out of balance, need a break
  • lifting your spirits, lightening your mood
  • silence a chatterbox mind
  • relieve anxiousness and stress, relax instead
  • quickly connect with your true, authentic, wondrous inner self
  • stop a debilitating habit
  • think more positively, attract positive outcomes
  • simply feel better with higher vibes every day.  
  • sleep better
  • spirit release and healing spirit attachments - if something strange is spooking you out
  • clearing your office, home or space from low energies and install calm energy 
  • promoting self-healing 

I use Usui (traditional) Holy Fire (contemporary) Reiki - direct to you from divine source (not through me) hence it is unlimited in its power - you absorb what you need and are open to receiving.  
Reiki supports
your whole being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Adults, children, babies and animals can benefit from Reiki treatments, at all ages.  Not based on any belief, faith or suggestion, scientific research using quantum physics is starting to help us to understand how Reiki may work to benefit the individual. One day it may be known simply as Energy Medicine  based on scientifically measurable energy emitted from the healer's hands.  It does not require a meditative state; you can simply relax and allow Reiki to work its magic. 

Reiki is good for your inner smile!  

Our natural state is Love, Joy and Peace

 ... yet our minds sometimes affect our emotions which in turn create pain and tightness in our bodies and stress in the head.  My work is to promote Love, Joy and Peace within, despite what's happening in our heads, bodies or the outside environment.  Usui Holy Fire Reiki works so well that you'll begin to notice things like difficulties resolving themselves, more fortunate events happening in your life, greater love, appreciation and happiness and personal fulfilment, at one with your world.

For decades, we have been taught to focus on the positives yet, for some, it is often difficult to ignore the negatives.   Holy Fire Reiki nurtures and encourages development of our positive qualities - we feel an uplifting flow of healthy, life-giving energy, greater joy, love and happiness.  Our positive qualities will be validated, strengthened and developed; qualities such as patience, endurance, healthy well-being, honest, dependability, determination, courage, vision, clarity.  Belief in oneself, ambition, imagination, kindness, sympathy, loyalty, co-operation, independence, accomplishing goals, trust in the higher power, and faith that the universe is working in our favour.  Our positive qualities are part of who we really are, our authentic self, and when we focus on them and dwell on their value and feel grateful to have them - they grow.  Our negative aspects are the result of injuries experienced, often unhealed, often developed into personality traits that are detrimental to us.  Because they are part of an injury, they are not parts of ourselves!  They are false images of who we really are.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki

is smart and aware of how the mind works; it knows what you're doing and why.  Your positive qualities immediately become more powerful and effective, and the Usui Holy Fire Reiki energy automatically begins healing your negative parts without you needing to think about them.  Holy Fire Reiki enhances your positive qualities and heals your negative qualities at the same time. Holy Fire is the name given by William Lee Rand to this wonderful aspect of Reiki which allows the recipient to receive Reiki direct from source, not through the Reiki Practitioner.   

Immersing yourself in positive high vibrational energy makes life more enjoyable for you and yours.  Because you're not thinking about the negative parts, they cannot lower your vibration nor feed off your energy: instead, the Reiki heals them independent of your conscious mind, and heals the root causes of those troubles.  It is advisable to have 3 treatments for particular issues, and to receive Reiki regularly to keep your energies high.

Feeling Spooked?!

Ask me for a Healing Spirit Attachment session

Every illness, condition or malady has a 2nd heaven spirit whose purpose is to complicate the situation and make it difficult to heal or release an illness, condition or malady.  Some 2nd heaven spirits need to be released from a person; they are not guides but are spirits holding you back or taking advantage of you in some way; they usually connect to a person through parts that are out of balance or need healing.  Usui Holy Fire Reiki guidance comes directly from the 3rd heaven, making it pure and of a much higher quality, bringing with it a greater potential for development.  

The unhealthy spirit will be taken to a place where is cannot harm anyone, and will be given the opportunity to heal itself.  The part of you that allowed the spirit attachment to take lace will also be healed thus preventing another unhealthy spirit from taking the place of the one that was released.  

Tell me when you book that you would like a Healing Spirit Attachment session. 

My Reiki Training

I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2005 and became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 2016, took a second Master course in Usui/Holy Fire in 2018, upgraded to Holy Fire III in 2019, and a further upgrade in 2020 to facilitate more effective connections online/by phone.  I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation, CNHC (Complementary Natural Healthcare Council, England), and ICRT Reiki Membership Association.  If you would like to become attuned to Reiki, see the Learn Reiki page of this website.

History of Reiki

Reiki literally translates from Japanese as Universal life force energy.  This system of healing was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century in a form that we can easily use, although Eastern medicine has for thousands of years worked with this energy, recognising its flow through all living things.  It has been taught and used in Europe since the late 1900s.  Holy Fire II is a modern addition to Reiki energy, allowing you to receive direct from Source/god/Holy Spirit/the highest heaven, rather than through the Practitioner; thus it is untainted, unlimited and purely divine.  Scroll down page to read about the  Science of Reiki. 

Reiki is safe

for adults, children, babies and pets, anywhere.  Reiki always works for a person's highest good - whatever that may be. Just one treatment can work wonders; regular reiki works more wonders and keeps you in touch with your true wonderful self.  Book 3 reiki sessions within a month and see how you feel with this high energy, then have top-up treatments as often as you need to. 

To become attuned to Reiki

at my Reiki Courses, to give reiki to yourself and family; or if you'd like to become a Practitioner, Master or Teacher, see the Learn Reiki Courses page for details and dates.  Online and in person options. Face-to-face meetings can take place outdoors where possible during this COVID lockdown; as well as live Zoom and videophone meetings.

Reiki for Children

Reiki's beneficial effects are numerous: it heals fear and anxiety and promotes feelings of safety, calmness and a healthy sense of well-being.  Reiki helps children develop self-confidence, the ability to get along with others and improves learning ability.  It is soothing and promotes the healing process.  It keeps kids healthy and less prone to imbalances and if they do get sick, it helps them deal with illness and recover ore quickly.  It can also be a universal solution to many childhood difficulties including just not feeling well.  Children usually need much shorter treatments than adults and babies may benefit from just a minute!  Children who have received Reiki before and after birth are more open and caring towards others and tend to be peace-makers among their playmates, playing fair.  They benefit from the knowledge that there is something beautiful inside themselves which can heal and help solve problems and provide guidance during difficult times.


Reiki helps both the mother and the unborn child.  It also increases relaxation, decreases pain during childbirth and helps create a healthier delivery. I always ask the mother and the unborn child for permission to receive reiki.

" I thought I would give you some feedback on our Reiki healing session.  As we know, very few things are instantaneous and thankfully Reiki continues to work long after it's given, so today my neck is in a much happier place, virtually pain free.  I had a wonderful peaceful sleep last night, 2 hours longer than usual.  Thank you Kathy for channelling such powerful spiritual healing.  Sending you love and healing thoughts."    " I thought only 15 minutes had passed and realised I was in another place for 50 minutes.  A very loving place I might add."  Jacqueline, April 2020

" Thank you Kathy for continuing to provide opportunities to engage with reiki healing at this time - very powerful."  Karen, 2020

" The beautiful energy I felt from all of you lovely people has radiated. Thank you all. Thank you Kathy for being a wonderful teacher and connecting all of us together with love."  R, 2019

Family and House/Building Reiki

Reiki for your family and friends at your home or workplace, in one visit:  
4 people + your building, half a day / up to 4 hours (less for children/babies) £180 in south London (or elsewhere, travel costs apply if further away).

My mother's knee had swollen to twice the size of her other knee, and she was in pain. I gave her a Reiki treatment before bedtime; the next day she complained that she'd been to the loo a lot during the night... that was the water draining from her knee! 2 days later, I gave her 15 minutes Reiki and she later texted: "My knee feels good, even last night." The following day, she texted: "My knee has dimples instead of a big bulbous knee!!! Not much pain and am not taking paracetemol. Thanks again for the Reiki and I hope you can do it long-distance." Yes, Mum, distance Reiki is also possible.

Before her Reiki treatment, a lady told me that she was feeling overly emotional, tearful, sensitive, insecure, confused, stressed and slightly unsettled, tired, achey, with knee and hip pain. After the Reiki: "Feel much more relaxed, was actually able to empty my mind and drift a little, which doesn't happen often! Feel like I could sleep well (or better) tonight... feel quite tired!" Rest assured that reiki energy keeps on working for some time after a treatment.
"Thank you for getting rid of my unsightly ganglion on my wrist.  After over 10 years of hiding it with long sleeves, pressing it and bashing it with a book, your Reiki got rid of it forever after only one treatment. No need for the surgery the hospital offered, thank goodness. The ganglion's gone and my wrist is normal like the other one - and has been so for a few years now.  Thank-you, Kathy!"

At a Pamper Party, I gave 20-minute Reiki treatments in a quiet room:.
"Most relaxed I've felt in 2 months.", "I saw lots of clouds, very wispy ones."
They also drank less alcohol at the party!  Mellowing effects all round!

The Science of Reiki 

Reiki as defined by the Oxford English dictionary is: "A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being."  However, it is widely accepted that reiki can be given and received equally effectively hands-off or via distant healing - which means that I could send you reiki wherever you are on earth, at a time to suit you. 

REIKI in Japanese literally translates as universal life force energy.  This system of healing was developed and named Usui Reiki Ryoho in Japan, commonly combined as Reiho, by Dr Mikau Usui in the early 20th century.  It is a non-invasive complementary therapy that has been taught and used in the UK since the late 1900s, although Eastern medicine has worked with this energy for thousands of years, recognising its flow through all living things.  

Reiki supports orthodox medicine; reiki can be used alone but is not a replacement for traditional medication of treatments.  It is not based on any belief, faith or suggestion, yet scientiific research using quantum physics has started to help us understand how reiki may work to benefit the individual.  Perhaps in years to come reiki will be known as energy medicine based on scientifically measurable energy emitted from the healer's hands.

Research is producing very interesting results:

  • When giving reiki, practitioners have been shown to emit electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy from their hands.  The frequencies of the energy emitted vary from one moment to the next; many appear to correspond to those that medical researchers have identified as being the optimum frequencies for stimulating the healing process in tissues, bones and other body parts so far investigated.
  • The bio-magnetic energy, or field, flowing from a practitioner's hands has been shown to induce current flows in the tissues and cells of individuals who are in close proximity but this pulsing energy is not produced by non-practitioners of energy healing techniques.

Two ways in which these pulsing magnetic fields may stimulate repair of bone and other tissues include:

  • A cascade of reactions from the cell surface to the cytoplasm and on to the nucleus and genes where selective effects on the DNA have been documented.
  • Amplification, in which a single hormone molecule, neurotransmitter of photon of electromagnetic energy has been shown to trigger cellular responses; very tiny fields have been shown to produce the best effects, suggesting that living tissues are much more sensitive to external fields than previously considered possible.

Note: a bio-magnetic field can also be created by passing electric currents through living tissue as has been used for medical diagnoses and treatments for almost a century, eg. ECG and MRI scanning.

Reiki is an intelligent form of healing. Reiki may be valuable in the prevention and remission of some serious diseases that are so costly in terms of human suffering as well as expensive allopathic health care.  One theory is that energy healing works by opening up the communication channels that enable cells in the body to talk to each other, and  opening up the terrain through which cells are able to migrate to places where they are needed to initiate repair or fight disease.  Another is that these methods help to calm the person so their immune functions can operate smoothly.

Reiki is activated by intention and requires practitioners to calm their minds and thus open up their communication channels to understand where healing is most required on a body, and for how long, to care and help the person concerned.  Visualisation techniques can also be embodied as an element of reiki treatments at a professional practising level, which also create measurable electrical and magnetic fields, enhancing its effectiveness.  

As an NLP Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, you can additionally have specific meditations and visualisations to help you imagine your wishes and outcomes more precisely and clearly for better results; and incorporate forward-focussed Life Coaching to aid your progress.  Please enquire.

Dr Mikau Usui

In the late 1800s, after decades of study and meditation, a medical doctor found what we now call Reiki, meaning universal life force energy.  Dr Mikau Usui taught and attuned many people to share this ancient healing method with the world.  

My Reiki lineage includes William Lee Rand as I have upgraded to contemporary Holy Fire III Reiki which means that Reiki's energy comes direct from source (not through me) to the person/thing I am treating; my attunements ensure the same for you. 

"Very good. Body feels energised; can feel my heart, feel warm, full."  (Man, felt a bit run down, physically weak, depressed.)
 I gave 10-minute Reiki treatments at Lambeth Country Fair (Brixton Therapy Stand).  A man returned 4 hours later to say, "It was better than Class A drugs" (he then told me that he was on methodone as a result of heroin addiction).  Could this be my best Testimonial yet?!
" I first met Kathy at her Zumba classes and was immediately struck by her smile. It made me think I want what she’s got!! I decided then to embark on some one to one sessions as I felt I needed some extra support in order to tackle some ongoing issues. My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty'; through Reiki, its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly. Sometimes we’ve spent sessions on planning and implementing strategies for helping me order my life, as there are occasions when I can be overwhelmed. I can always tell when I’ve just had a session as my approach is calmer and more productive. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that coming from a scientific background I was initially fairly sceptical. However I can highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a tailor-made programme to support them at different times.Thank you, Kathy. Yours, Olivia. "

Reiki Shares

watch this space for more dates!  or contact me with your full name, phone and email address.
The world needs healing and healers and healers need to keep their energies high, too. These Reiki Shares are friendly, informal, life-affirming, transformative get-togethers open to people already attuned to Reiki (any style), and occasionally for non-Reiki folk (ask me and I may be able to accommodate them).  At my private practice in London SE24, or at your location if you wish.  These are rare opportunities to receive multiple Reiki from many people, share your stories, ask questions, practice with others and have your questions answered.  Meet and greet over herbal tea and snacks, relax with guided pranayama (breathing technique), moving meditation, chakra meditation, Yoga Nidra or a powerful Holy Fire Reiki Experience. 
Participants are kept up to 4 + me, due to social distancing guidelines; please bring your mask for overhead work during the Reiki Share; use the hand sanitizers at the front door and in every room.  £18 Paypal below,  exact cash in person, or bank transfer.  
message/email me to reserve your place, quoting the Day and Date you'd like to attend.  namaste, Kathy.

Reiki is divine love

divine energy direct from source, intelligent, limitless in its potential...