Usui Holy Fire Reiki Courses

I teach all Levels of Reiki: Level I, Level II (Practitioner), ART/Master, Teacher:
  •  Anytime Online courses (FaceTime/Zoom/WhatsApp videocall)
  • In-person Courses in leafy Herne Hill, London SE24 or the French Riviera;
  • 1 or 2-day Courses
  • Attunements online as well as in person.
In-depth Courses to learn, practice on yourself and others, I'll attune you to Reiki powerful energies to last a lifetime.  
Level I : Reiki for yourself and close friends.
Level II (Practitioner) : Take it further and learn Distant Reiki, also qualifies you to set up your own business as a Reiki Practitioner. 
Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master Level.
Teacher level training for those that want to attune others to Reiki if this is your vocation. 
My Courses are recognised by CNHC, UK Reiki Federation and ICRT (USA Reiki Membership Association). 
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" The process of attunement is what sets Reiki apart from every other form of laying on of hands or touch healing.  The attunement is not a treatment - it creates the healer.  From this point on, the person who has received the attunement is a Reiki practitioner."  Diana Stein, author, "Essential Reiki".  

Reiki Level I course testimonial

I had amazing experiences the last two days, a lot of physical feelings and a lot of emotional feelings, some of which I had never experienced before. I was very tense and worried before I came but I am now so glad that I went through this process.  I have a feeling of relief (huge relief) inside of me, but also peace, joy, happiness and contentment.  I hope to hold these feelings with me always.  Thank you Kathy for making this experience as gentle and as smooth as possible; it has made all the different I guess, and thank you for sharing this gift."   Pauline, 2018.

Course Content

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki, Level I

Take this intense, detailed course if you would like to give yourself calming, strengthening, balancing Reiki any time; lasts a lifetime.  After this course and self-practice as instructed, your can expect to confidently give yourself full reiki treatments to promote self-healing, as well as to your family and friends.  Positive physical and behavioural changes are commonly experienced after Reiki I.  Although Reiki level I Courses can be held in just one day, I prefer to see you the day after your Reiki initiation, so that you can tell me how you feel and I can sense how you are.  However I do offer Level I in one day as well.  

Follow up with email/phone support.  

Once attuned, you'll get invitations to occasional Reiki shares with meditations (£15) where you will be guided in a Reiki meditative Holy Fire Experience and perhaps movement routines or Yoga Nidra, before we exchange Reiki in turn (max. attendees respecting social distancing guidelines).

If you are already attuned to Reiki and want to add Holy Fire III, or just feel that you need a refresher course, you're welcome to attend a 2-day course at half price (provide your original Reiki 1 Certificate as proof) or attend the short 5-hour Course.

  • learn about Reiki, history, Reiki ideals, lineage, time and space, Holy Fire 
  • 4 Reiki Meditations
  • Reiki Level I Placement (attunement to Reiki)  
  • how to treat yourself, friends, family and pets
  • scan people and things 
  • self-protection, space clearing
  • mindfulness, relaxation techniques, meditations
  • Holy Fire Reiki Experiences and visualisations 
  • understand the subtle energy body 
  • how to balance chakras, clear meridians and nadis, brighten auras and energise our body's systems 
  • eastern and western Reiki hand positions
  • contraindications, cautions
  • healing crises in case they arise
  • ways to clear harmful negativity 
  • detailed Reiki Manual and Certificate.


Follow up with self-treatments for 21 days to allow your whole being to absorb the high Reiki energies across all chakra and auric levels and escalate your energy.  This 21 days self-healing ensures your Reiki is robust and fully available to you and those you give it to.  It's important to keep yourself properly hydrated as this enhances the effectiveness of reiki treatments.  Keep me updated with your reiki journey - it lasts a lifetime!  You can additionally book confidential coaching sessions to expand your personal wishes and progress your dreams.  

Invitations to occasional Reiki Shares with guided, meditative Holy Fire Experiences and Yoga Nidra.  Meet other Reiki people, share stories, ask questions and receive Reiki from as many as four people at once.  You can still book Reiki treatments with me afterwards for yourself.  

Healing Attunements are available if you suffer any life crises in the future, for the price of a Reiki treatment (1 hour).  

Contact me to start this journey.

In-Person, Level I  Attunement Courses, Usui Holy Fire Reiki

please ask for dates as SE24 is a COVID-19 medium risk area during October
Usually 4 attendees maximum on each course, respecting COVID government and UK Reiki Federation guidelines; book early to secure your place.
You will have the power of Reiki in your hands from Day 1 of the Course!
at 117 Casino Avenue, Herne Hill, London SE24 9PP  (for French Riviera, see )

£175  two-day in-person Level 1 Course - Paypal button below.

Contact me.
All you need to know to give treatments to yourself and your loved ones, relieve stress, increase intuition, become grounded, develop personal powers, protect yourself from harmful energies, honour your spiritual path and much more - see Course details below.  Once attuned, you'll have calming, balancing, energising divine love energy in the palms of your hands, for life!  With the addition of contemporary Holy Fire to traditional Usui Reiki, this strength and potential is limitless as it comes direct from source to the person being treat (not through me).  Reiki is intelligent and gives the amounts that you can take at any given time. 
This thorough, practical course is spread over two days so you can report how you are on day 2.  With the lockdown, much of the course can be arranged at mutually convenient times.  You can use Reiki alongside yoga, t'ai chi, nursing and caring professions, reflexology, massage, hairdressing, meditation and mindfulness practices, at your work, being with others or at home alone.
For all adults, and for children ages 7-16 (half price) when accompanied by an adult also taking this course. 
At our sweet cottage in Herne Hill, south east London (nearest train station North Dulwich), we'll also spend some time in the garden and at Sunray Gardens 2 minutes' walk away. During lockdown, some of the course can be via Zoom or videophone, with some in person.
For courses in France (participant numbers in France up to 6), see www.reikicannes.comContact me for other locations and dates.  

Level I Attunement Short Day Course

11am - 5pm, choose a day at your convenience!.   This shorter Level I Attunement Course gives you everything you need to give Reiki to yourself and loved ones.  This is a shorter day as you will have studied the Manual that I will send before the Course day.  Aftercare support as you wish by email/phone.  4 attendees max.   For  those who have studied Reiki previously online; or those who wish to add Holy Fire III to their Usui Reiki practice; or those who need to refresh their Reiki for any reason.   A lovely day!  
I may be able to come to your location for groups of 3-6 people - please ask me.  DURING OCTOBER, SE24 LONDON IS A MEDIUM RISK AREA SO IN-PERSON COURSES ARE NOT POSSIBLE UNTIL THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWS.
Scroll down for online options!

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki, Level I, short course
  • Level I learnings
  • Practice Reiki on yourself and others
  • How to scan energies
  • Pre-Attunement Holy Fire Experience
  • Level I Attunement
  • Manual
  • Certificate

ONLINE  Level I Course
Usui Holy Fire III Reiki

Learn all you need to give yourself Reiki after the first online meeting (of approx. 3 hours including rest breaks).  Approx. 5 online hours of teaching (using WhatsApp videocall or Zoom), and a later in-person meeting if possible to do so, following COVID-19 Government guidelines; online printable Manual and Certificate  recognised by Reiki Membership Association and UK Reiki Federation.    All teaching points as with the in-person course are covered.  During our meetings, we will discuss what you have read from the Manual as well as learn how to give yourself Reiki.   This Course can be spread over some weeks if you prefer.   Aftercare by email/phone included.        £150.  
 Contact me to book convenient times.

Quickfire online Reiki attunements

If you wish to be attuned to Reiki (Level I) but don't wish to/have time to study the full Course, choose this quickfire option.  Pick a mutually convenient time for an appointment just for yourself, with FaceTime/Zoom/WhatsApp videocall (about 2 hours) and become attuned to Reiki's high vibrational energies for life.  No home study, no Certificate, just a brief explanation of what it is, what it can do for you,  relaxing Meditations and the attunement, and how to use Reiki on yourself.     £70.

Reiki Level II (Practitioner)
course testimonial

Kathy is a wonderful Reiki practitioner and it was a real joy to do the Reiki course with her. She is patient, passionate and has a beautiful sense of calm when teaching.  Since completing the course I have felt a profound shift in the way I approach life. I feel my old unhelpful habits are loosening and that there is a new path opening up in front of me.  I would strongly recommend studying with Kathy." 
Kathryn, Drama Teacher, 2018.   

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Level II (Practitioner) Course

117 Casino Avenue, Herne Hill, Southwark, London SE24 9PP

Two half-days, eg. Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning.

London SE24 is a COVID-19 medium risk area in October 2020, so in-person meetings are currently unavailable. Ask me for alternatives, eg. optional Online Course (scroll down).


With partial COVID-19 lock-down, we respect social distancing, wearing face masks as appropriate, hand sanitising.  (If you can't attend the whole Course, some of this could be with Zoom meetings or videophone with a shorter duration in person).  Meanwhile, you will have Reiki's magical hands to use from Day 1.  Numbers are kept to maximum of only 4 attendees in London (or 6 in France) to respect social distancing guidelines, and wearing of face masks are obligatory practicing reiki on each other.  Book early to avoid disappointment!

Take this thorough, in-depth Level II course if you'd like to develop your existing Reiki and help more people in this uniquely healing way, and have been attuned to Reiki for at least 3 months.  Reiki Level II typically promotes additional mental and emotional changes.  A few weeks afterwards and with sufficient home practice, you can expect to confidently send Distant Reiki, and set up as a Reiki Practitioner (with your country's insurance for complementary therapists).   

  • Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, level II Placement (attunement)
  • review of your Reiki level I
  • increase your spirituality and connection to Reiki
  • scanning, what to do, and practice on people and things 
  • 3 powerful Holy Fire III Reiki meditation Experiences
  • 3 sacred Reiki symbols and the Holy Fire symbol, and how to use them
  • self-protection
  • what you might experience when giving reiki to others
  • a lot of Reiki practice on yourself and each other
  • how to do distance/absent Reiki, for your home, family/friends, important events and goals, anywhere, any time
  • Beaming Reiki
  • all you need to know to develop your own Reiki practice should you wish to become a Practitioner of Reiki.  
  • how to use it alongside your current work, life, meditations, exercise, yoga etc.
  • You will be asked to invite a friend or family member to the course (for 1 hour only) to give a reiki treatment  - they'll get lovely reiki free, and I can assess your giving a Reiki treatment
  • my online Reiki Level II Manual
  • William Lee Rand levels I & II Holy Fire Reiki Manual 
  • Certificate (use this to obtain Practitioner insurance and memberships)
  • light refreshments and snacks
  • Invitation to regular Reiki Shares with specific guided Meditations and Holy Fire Experiences, ask questions, share stories with other Reiki people. 

If you are already a Reiki Practitioner and would like to add Holy Fire III, you can attend this course for half price on presentation of your original Reiki II Certificate and proof of membership to a Reiki organisation.  The benefit is that Reiki will go direct to you and direct, undiluted, to the recipient - not through you.  If you've not practiced Reiki for a long while, you can also attend to remind yourself of why you love reiki, how simple it is to use, and how and when to use it in your life.  Contact me to start this part of your Reiki journey.

ONLINE  Reiki Level II Course
Usui Holy Fire III Reiki
(Practitioner level)

Most of this 10-hour Course happens online, using FaceTime/Zoom/WhatsApp videocalls.  Convenient for home study in your own time, we'll meet online at mutually convenient times, and in person briefly if possible, following current COVID-19 Government guidelines.
All the teaching points covered as with the in-person courses, including sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them; online Manual and Certificate recognised by RMA and UK Reiki Federation.  I'll also  check with your home practices with yourself, on others, and Distance Reiki.   You will be able to practice Usui Holy Fire III Reiki on yourself after the first two sessions, and apply for UK Reiki Federation membership within a month of finishing the course.  Aftercare by email/phone included.   
Contact me to book your appointments.

French Riviera Escapes...

Alas! We're on temporary lock-down due to COVID-19 guidelines!  But when it's possible again, you can happily book a Reiki Course or Wellbeing Retreat at our beautiful ancient farmhouse in Grasse St Jacques, perfume capital of the world, on the hills above Cannes and only 40 minutes' drive from Nice airport.  Relaxed, spacious, good food... luxury, nature and nurture combined: personalised 1-to-1 sessions (Reiki, NLP, Life Coaching, Psych-K, yoga, Personal Fitness training), saltwater swimming pool, jacuzzi, our own olives and fresh hen eggs, Welcome Drinks & Dinner prepared by French chef and your host Robert, tea/coffee/juices/mineral water included, spacious rooms, bed & breakfast, pizza oven, Zumba/exercise/yoga by the pool or meditation under the skies.   Visit for details.

"The whole weekend was very cathartic. I was able to relax, face some of my emotions and able to feel at peace. The hospitality, food, service and the retreat were all amazing.  Both Kathy and Robert treated me like a family member. We laughed, I cried and totally relaxed. So much so that I have booked the house for my 50th birthday with four very close girlfriends. An ideal place to share and make memories. Kathy and Robert are true gems. This hideaway should be added to everyone's "bucket list". Thank-you both."  Justine, 2018.


Kathy, thank you so much for this amazing day." 
Some weeks later:  "This is just to let you know that everything is ok on my side, I'm back to work now and Reiki is working its magic there as well, as you told me it would, and it feels great...  It is very interesting, I have a lot of new sensations in my hands and within my body. I can feel more."  Paula, Levels I & II, 2018.            People have also reported visions and hearings, ancestral communication, angelic presence, physical sensations, dramatic filmic adventures, temperature changes and deep peace.
After spending time with Kathy and teaching me the Reiki I Course, I have kept practising self-healing every day and I'm learning more and more about the power of reiki.  For 15 years I've had a very self destructive daily habit that as much as I tried over and over again, I kept on failing to stop the repetitive behaviour. During my 21-days self healing, I found the strength to just stop! I can't tell you how much of a miracle it feels to me. It has and will continue to make a positive difference in all areas of my life. And I'm so so thankful to you Kathy - you are a warm, caring, shining light."   Chrissie, 2017.

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki: ART/Master and Teacher Courses

ART stands for Advanced Reiki Training.  ART is combined with Master level training, at a Course lasting 3 consecutive days.   Additional Teacher training can take up to 1 year, consisting of several meetings spread over a year.  You will also benefit from a year of mentoring, guidance and support.  The commitment to healing is for a lifetime and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is a calling, a vocation.  During lockdown, some of this course will be live online or videophone.  Contact me for availability and tell me why you'd like to be a Reiki Master.  

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Master level course

  • purpose of Master level
  • review of Usui Reiki levels I and II and Holy Fire III Reiki
  • Master symbol
  • Holy Fire symbol
  • daily Reiki meditations and Holy Fire Experiences 
  • Master Placement (attunement) 
  • self-protection
  • practical sessions with other people
  • daily exercises
  • Manual and Certificate

  • Teacher training:

    • in-person training days by mutual arrangement, and ongoing support by email, phone, for a year
    • review of Reiki I, II, III (ART/Master) and Holy Fire III
    • the purpose of Reiki Teacher Training
    • teaching Reiki
    • setting up your own courses
    • finding clients
    • healing crises - what to do
    • Reiki meditations and Holy Fire Experiences
    • learn how to give Placements (attunements/ignitions) and Holy Fire Experiences
    • how to deliver Spirit Attachment Release
    • daily exercises 
    • sit in and help teach Reiki Level I or II courses
    • Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

    By the end of your Teacher training and practice over the year, you will be ready to teach Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, at all levels, with confidence.


    Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, ART/Master level (3 days),  £350. 

    Teacher training, over the following year, £300.

    Contact me for dates and to tell me why you'd like to become a Reiki Master and/or Teacher; let's speak over the phone or in person. 

    Pay by exact cash (in person), bank transfer (email me for details) or Paypal buttons below.  Contact me to continue with your Reiki lifestyle.

    For courses in France, see   

    Reiki I Course was an unforgettable experience in my life.  Before attending the course I was quite nervous but Kathy taught me gently, she patiently made everything easier and understandable.  I am so thankful for that.  Several months afterwards, I tried to give others reiki; they all felt miracle and amazing.  I believe I am giving Reiki as well as my love and kindness to them, just like Kathy gives her love and care to us.  Reiki is changing my life, it makes my life positively with hope.  Love, Vivi."
    Straight after the Reiki I Course:  "One of the most obvious changes for me is that I slept way better than before.  My feeling is becoming stronger and I believe I will experience more in the following days.  I am really looking forward to it."
    Vivi is a beautiful Chinese girl studying in the UK.
    People have also reported increased psychic ability, groundedness, connectedness to divine/universe/universal mind, seeing visions, hearings, having dramatic filmic experiences, angelic presence, physical sensations including heat/cold/tingling, automatic movement, deep peace, courage and motivation, absolute clarity, absolute safety, trust, lightness of being.  The world needs more healers!