Your mind, body and soul coach in Herne Hill, South London and South of France.

At the beginning of every New Year, many of you are detoxing your life, thoughts, home or at least thinking that perhaps it's time you should.  After the excesses of the holidays, you'll also have been thrown into situations, people and places which may have felt uncomfortable or reminded you of what you'd like to achieve or get over; some of us felt out of control; long-forgotten memories were raised - some nice, some not!  

I can help diminish the disabling negative ways of thinking and enhance the positive for you to enjoy your 2019 better, enhancing all the internal strengths and resources you need.  My passion is to help people realise their hopes and dreams, feel happy, strong, secure and healthy; positive and grateful.  We're stronger together.  

If you are near South London or Cannes and feel the need to detox areas of your life, get a mind, body and soul re-boot, help to stay focussed, motivated or whatever's important to you - tell me about it!  I also offer phone coaching and distant healing.

Since the mid-1980's, I've been promoting and enhancing people's fitness, movement, diet, confidence, career, relationships, health, happiness and spiritual wellbeing with customised sessions.  Everyone's different.  Even famous people have their troubles.  Speak to me, in confidenceI'll help you rise above your ego and whatever's happening in your head, your body and your environment - so those issues aren't blocking you any more.  I'll help you alleviate toxins, pain, excesses, self-worth issues or personal baggage that's been stopping your progress in the past.  You will value the richly wonderful person you truly are.  

I offer phone consultations and in-person appointments: in Herne Hill south London in my peaceful therapy room, at client's homes/offices as far afield as Surrey; and on the French Riviera at our ancient farmhouse near Cannes and Nice .  Meet me for Reiki energy treatments and attunement courses, life-changing NLP and Psych-K, Life Coaching, or personal fitness training  - and change your life for the better together. 

If you want to work with Kathy the mind, body and soul coach, why not seize the day with a Gift Voucher? All online transactions are made securely through Paypal.

"Thank you for giving me my body back!"  Mel, London.
You were extremely patient…really listened to what I wanted.  I look better, feel better + I know for a fact this is largely down to you. First coaching feedback… 97.801% Thank you!"  Jai, Wellbeing Coach, Cambridge.
Just one Reiki treatment got rid on an old ganglion on my wrist, forever.  Amazing.  Still can't understand how it happened, 4 years ago now, like a miracle.  Thank-you."  Robert, restaurateur, London.  

"I feel in great shape.  I have lost a stone and a half I two months.  I feel better than ever and much more motivated in my work.  Well worth the money and effort."  David, works in IT, London.