Welcome!  To a uniquely holistic approach to your concerns
Personal Training, Zumba, Yoga, NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching, Reiki
During the Coronavirus lockdown, you can see me with WhatsApp/Skype/FaceTime and Zoom sessions

If you need to reframe an aspect of your life or change some habits, let's get started with Life Coaching and NLP.
Need to change bad attitudes and old beliefs? Book a few Psych-K sessions.
Browse the NLP, Psych-K and Life Coaching pages and tell me what you need.
Do you like Reiki or want to try Distance healing?
Book 1-to-1 treatments wherever you are; or become attuned to Reiki on a short course - Attunement Courses on LEARN REIKI page.  
Need to get up and move?  Book a Zoomba dance class to guilty pleasures music; and Personal Training sessions for yourself.  See the FITNESS page.  

After lockdown: let's continue online or in person in Herne Hill/Dulwich London SE24 or visit the French Riviera (Wellbeing Retreats page).

My passion

is to help people heal inside and out, mind body and soul and enjoy a wonderful life no matter what.  
At these strange, new normal times, everyone's going through unprecedented changes and upheavals.
I'll help you manifest some hopes and dreams, accept yourself as you are right now and evolve.  I help my clients get over stuff, move on, access inner strengths, get fit stay fit and feel good - naturally - in mind body and soul, with encouragement, positivity, creativity, love, inner peace, and to easily feel truly happy and grateful... From there it's easier to operate, attract and manifest your dreams.  We're stronger together.  

Ever since I started out as a jazz dance teacher-choreographer in the 1980's, through teaching all sorts of exercise styles for all sorts of people, I've enjoyed promoting fitness, healthy habits and nutrition, inner motivation and confidence despite the odds, boosting happiness and spiritual wellbeing, with confidential customised sessions.  

As we change over the years, so do our goals, aspirations and strengths.  I'll help you rise above whatever's happening in your head, your body and your environment, stop issues that have blocked you for too long, alleviate toxins, pain, excesses, self-worth issues and personal baggage, honour your aspirations and value the unique and richly wonderful person you truly are.

After the COVID-19 restrictions are over, see me in south east London or Grasse St Jacques French Riviera, and continue online/videophone;  I may be able to visit you.  Contact me with your requirements.

NLP, Life Coaching, Psych-K,

Personal Fitness Training, Zumba, Yoga,

Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness

a uniquely holistic, natural approach to life's challenges

The Mind

Disable negative thinking, stop bad habits, enhance creativity, be inspired, make plans, honour your values

NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching


Personalised fitness, dance, yoga, dietary advice, to suit you and your needs physically, mentally and emotionally

Personal Training, Zumba dance fitness, Yoga

and Soul

Balance your chakras, brighten your auric field, feel connected, grounded, supported, authentic, at peace

Reiki life force energy, meditation, mindfulness


Your friendly, professional, confidential, holistic coach and confidante.

"Thank you for giving me my body back!"  Mel, London.
"You were extremely patient…really listened to what I wanted.  I look better, feel better plus I know for a fact this is largely down to you. First coaching feedback… 97.801% Thank you!"  Jai, Wellbeing Coach, Cambridge.
"Just one Reiki treatment got rid on an old ganglion on my wrist, forever.  Amazing.  Still can't understand how it happened, 7 years ago now, like a miracle.  Thank-you."   Robert, retiree, France.  
"I feel in great shape.  I have lost a stone and a half I two months.  I feel better than ever and much more motivated in my work.  Well worth the money and effort."   David, works in IT, London.

Tell me what YOU would like from our time together.
Movement to improve your body and mood,
fast track behaviour change techniques, move from stuck to progress and winning,
eradicate phobias, bust bad habits, eject outworn beliefs.
Motivation to take those first steps,
food and drink advice to suit your palate, confidence as you experience your goals.
Feel good naturally with an organic approach, accelerate progress with positive thinking.
Superheal and rejuvenate with Reiki for your inner smile :)

Contact me with your requests.