You are what you eat! Using diet to create a better mind, body and soul you.

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are what you absorb!   As The Mind Body and Soul Coach, I believe in using diet to create a better mind, body and soul, you, today and always.

I love the idea of feeding myself, family and friends the most nutritious foods possible.

I love the idea of using clean, chemical-free cleaning stuff, shampoo and make-up.

I love the idea of making purchases that support the planet.

And I love being able to do all of this without breaking the bank.

It's good when you're in control of your eating and drinking habits, you feel energetic and you know that you're always nourishing and creating a healthy body and sharp mind.  I love hearing from my readers and future clients - ask me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss a tailored programme or search my blog for inspiration.

Maybe you want to lose excess fat, have clearer skin, flexible joints, stop eating biscuits, get rid of tummy aches etc.  And why not give it another go!  

You could change old beliefs and behaviour patterns, shift negative attitudes, break debilitating  cycles, find stronger inner motivation to create the better nutrition you want and become comfortably body confident... whatever it takes, go for it!  

And when you've changed your attitudes, beliefs and thus your behaviour, you will achieve your goals. Feels lighter just thinking about it!

We'll explore your diet together, and using specialised techniques you'll explore your thoughts and relationship with food.

Such as what you consume and absorb - what, when, where and with whom - to ensure that you're eating and drinking for optimal health whatever the social occasions and peer pressure, work lunches, post-workout recovery, etc; you'll discuss nutritional supplements, juicing, adequate water intake, how to increase absorption of nutrients, metabolise fat quicker, clear out what's bad and find what's good for you personally... and we'll think about what makes you eat/drink (what, when, where and with whom) so that you're ready to face any (previously challenging) situation!  

We'll discuss toxins and ways to avoid them, in and out of your body.  

I encourage organic farming, some wild food and high-grade supplements; visualisation, mindful eating and living your dream but according to your tastes... (which will actually change).

You could suddenly find yourself eating only when you're hungry, drinking alcohol in moderation, having 5+ portions of fresh fruit and veg a day, staying hydrated, avoiding things that cause you harm and disease, and consuming what does you good straight away and in the long term.  

Even if you know a lot of these guidelines, it can be hard to do it on your own;  sometimes people need professional, optimistic support and guidance.  

"It's not only the years of your life, it's also the life in your years." 

Together, let's make sure you eat and drink to add quality to your life as well as quality years to your life.  

Send me an email, get in touch, arrange a meeting.

with love and light,