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1 Reiki session  £60.

Relax, balance, heal for 1 hour!  In person or Zoom; or Distance Reiki (name any time and any place to receive Distance Reiki).  I’m based in London SE24 and on the French Riviera next to Cannes.  Just yourself or several friends/family.

4 Reiki sessions in 1 month £200.

Commit to your self-healing with Reiki every week to keep your energy high, or gift this for a friend.  Benefit from regular Reiki in person (London SE24, see map on Contact page),, Zoom online, or Distance Reiki.  Just yourself or a small group.

90-minute Reiki session  £90

This extended in-person or Distance Reiki session usually includes specific guided meditation, yoga nidra, a Holy Fire Experience, or Healing a Spirit Attachment if you’re feeling spooked (more about this below).  Just for yourself, or a small group.

Boo!  Healing a spooky Spirit Attachment

If you're feeling spooked, you might need a Healing Spirit Attachment Reiki session.

Quite a few people have asked me to help them with their "hearing voices" or "feeling a presence not their own".  After an initial consultation, all you need to do is lie down, eyes closed, for about 30-40 minutes.  There's no harm to you during or afterwards.  You might be aware of sensations in your body, even of something fading/diminishing.  The unhealthy spirit will be taken to a place where is cannot harm anyone, and will be given the opportunity to heal itself. The part of you that allowed the spirit attachment to take place will also be healed thus preventing another unhealthy spirit from taking the place of the one that was released.   

Once upon a time, about 8 years ago, a sad and lost spirit of a Queen attached itself to my being.  I couldn't sleep, she was on my mind and it was like having a bad itch I couldn't scratch; it affected every waking hour and my dreams.  This spirit chose me to attach to when I visited Kensington Palace, London, as a tourist, with my daughter.  It was most uncomfortable and scary.  This spirit chose me to release her to the Light.  

Every illness, condition or malady has a 2nd heaven spirit whose purpose is to complicate the situation and make it difficult to heal or release an illness, condition or malady. Some 2nd heaven spirits need to be released from a person; they are not guides but are spirits holding you back or taking advantage of you in some way; they usually connect to a person through parts that are out of balance or need healing. Usui Holy Fire Reiki guidance comes directly from the 3rd heaven, making it pure and of a much higher quality, bringing with it a greater potential for development.  
This Queen's spirit had been haunting the Palace for many years, and I am relieved to say that she has joined her family in heaven, I am clear of her spirit, and am delighted and privileged to be able to offer Healing Spirit Attachments to people (in-person only).

Please book a 90-minute session.   £90.  

What happens in a Reiki treatment?

Reiki treatments can take place anywhere, preferably quiet and undisturbed.  Recipients remain fully clothed.  Sit back or lie down, take a sip of water and be ready to deeply relax, release, let go and allow divine energies to work their magic.
You might feel deep calm and inner peace, coolness or heat, self-love; you might think at superfast speed, achieve clarity or an absence of thought; realise forgiveness, be connected to earth and all living things; pain might vanish, problems and ego diminish, swelling reduce; see visions, unleash imagination and creativity; you may laugh, cry, feel electrical impulses, fall deeply asleep... 1 minute of Reiki sleep is the equivalent of deepest restorative sleep.  I'll gently awaken you if you do fall asleep!  After a few minutes, tell me how you feel afterwards.  Drink some more water to keep hydrated.  Reiki carries on working after your treatment.  You're welcome to let me know how you are a day or two later as well.  Always happy to help!

We can meet at my private practices in London SE24, the French Riviera, or online,or videophone.
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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a hands-on or hands-off healing technique which channels life force energy/ki/chi/prana, to you. In person or online or Distance reiki (see below).  Typically an hour but can be shorter or longer. Sessions take place fully clothed; just sit or lie down and be open to receive higher energies. Reiki means universal life force energy therefore is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent; and always works for your highest good. Namaste

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki
With the latest upgrades of contemporary reiki, you receive high energies direct from Source - straight to you rather than through me. Reiki has evolved over the decades and now works faster, both in person and remotely - you can book a time and place to receive reiki in the comfort and convenience of your own home - this is called Distance Reiki. 
If you’re interested in becoming attuned to reiki or upgrading your reiki, choose from the Reiki Courses pages.

Distance Reiki
"Distance" meaning space and time.
Your home/workplace/environment can receive Distance Reiki, improving and raising its energy and vibes to benefit all.  With Reiki, all time, space and place are within its divine reach. I’ll send you Distance Reiki for you to receive at a time of your choice, anywhere in the world; or to a friend in need, a future event; or a past traumatic time, resulting in easing in the present time.
£60 Paypal button below.  (In-person visits to your home might be possible at an additional cost for travel.)

Host a Reiki Talk
I give "Usui/Holy Fire Reiki" Talks both online and in-person which could be at your venue, local cafe or workplace. These are more than talking about Reiki - they include giving Reiki to the room, everyone in it and a deeply healing Holy Fire guided meditation Experience. It is an enjoyable way for people to be introduced to Holy Fire Reiki and to actually experience its healing energy. Get a group of friends or colleagues together, tea and snacks, and invite me to give a Reiki Talk. If location is a problem, we can arrange this online with Zoom. Duration, up to 80 minutes including feedback, Q&A, and aftercare support by phone/email.
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Reiki Shares

I host Reiki Shares for people who have been attuned to Reiki - at any Level, any style.  These are relaxed, casual evening get-togethers for small groups (according to space) at my house in London or in a beautiful period villa near Cannes, French Riviera.  We start with tea and introductions, a Reiki meditation or Yoga Nidra with Reiki, followed by a deep Holy Fire Experience (guided meditation).  Then, a short tea break before we give Reiki to each other, in groups. If you haven't yet experienced receiving Reiki by two or more people, you're in for a treat!  One of the great benefits of these Shares is talking to other Reiki people and hearing their inspiring stories as well as having your Reiki questions answered.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact me and I'll let you know when they are.  Approx. £12.


" I saw people... and a white light, very bright white light."
" My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty', through Reiki. Its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly."  Olivia

" Kathy held such a beautiful space with an angelic & loving presence."  Anna Stubbs

" I have been sleeping considerably better since our session and feeling much safer at home. Thanks so much for your work."  Serona

" I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who would like help in their life for any issue big or small, or for anyone who just wants a boost to feel even better! Kathy is the best therapist I have ever known, a bright shining light and a friend to rely on."   Jon Cheng

" Kathy was so warm and welcoming I immediately felt at ease. It was my first time having reiki and she spent some time explaining the experience so I knew what to expect. Since my session with Kathy my anxiety has dramatically reduced! Thank you - I will definitely be back."  Sedona Ferguson

" I had my first reiki session with Kathy and I loved it and it helped me lots. She was very knowledgeable, we talked all things energy and spirituality, her space is very powerful and welcoming."  Lucia Garcia

" I first met Kathy at her Zumba classes and was immediately struck by her smile. It made me think I want what she’s got!! I decided then to embark on some one to one sessions as I felt I needed some extra support in order to tackle some ongoing issues. My work is stressful and there are times when I find myself 'running on empty'; through Reiki, its been amazingly therapeutic, helping me to think more clearly. Sometimes we’ve spent sessions on planning and implementing strategies for helping me order my life, as there are occasions when I can be overwhelmed. I can always tell when I’ve just had a session as my approach is calmer and more productive. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that coming from a scientific background I was initially fairly sceptical. However I can highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants a tailor-made programme to support them at different times. Thank you, Kathy. Yours, Olivia. "