NLP, Psych-K(r), holistic Life Coaching, EFT tapping

talking therapy sessions

NLP and Psych-,K   - book a couple or more sessions to get over life's bumps and slumps, and change old ways in favour of better ones.

 Life Coaching sessions are typically ongoing, shorter sessions to keep you purposely living your authentic life
EFT training is also available at any of your sessions, for you to use on yourself once you get home.
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Too much stress can lead to fatigue. We can all learn better ways to cope and handle it.
Let me help you beat that cycle!

You can also visit us in the French Riviera and design your own stay with a customised Retreat.

" Kathy was thorough, professional, and effective! Strongly recommend for getting rid of unwanted 'money blocks'."  Hedvig Sandbu.

" I would highly recommend Kathy as a therapist to help you with your life, goals, problems, health & fitness.  After a session with Kathy you always leave feeling energised & motivated with a renewed positive enthusiasm towards life.  Kathy is the happiest most positive person I know, she exudes it. This of course gets passed onto you during the session. It's impossible to resist! She uses a wide range of therapies & techniques depending on your needs at the time, including: NLP, psych K, life coaching, visualisation, EFT, Reiki & tailor-made health & fitness coaching. She also runs Reiki a sessions which is highly recommended . She is brilliant at helping you organise your life, coaching you through tough times. She guides you to solving your problems by changing your perspective towards them, challenging your beliefs and replacing unhelpful thoughts with a new positive outlook. making your problems seem far less important to you, it feels like they disintegrate during the session. After already feeling great after all this it's amazing to finish the session with a blast of Kathy's Holy Fire Reiki healing! Leaving you feeling very calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who would like help in their life for any issue big or small or for anyone who just wants a boost to feel even better!  Kathy is the best therapist I have ever known, a bright shining light and a friend to rely on."  Cheng 

" I have worked with Kathy since I think from 2009. I had a list of things that I wanted to do and achieve. I am glad to say most has been ticked off. Each year starts with a focused session on what's to be done that year and Kathy always help me focus on the task ahead."  Sumita, business entrepreneur.

" I would like to say thank-you for helping me realise what is important to me, and help me move forward leaving my past behind." Jane, Civil Administrator. (NLP, Life Coaching, kinesiology muscle testing and healthy living advice)

  " Before I started working with Kathy I was going round in circles, over-thinking everything and unable to make a decision to move my life forward. I felt really trapped, by myself. Kathy really helped me think more about what I do want rather than what I don't, and to think ahout this in detail and positively, which has really helped me take action and live more of the life I want. She's so kind, reassuring and supportive. Would recommend her to anyone needing some life guidance."  Julianna, during coronavirus lockdown 2020, Zoom/videocall Life Coaching.
" Thank you for your ongoing support, I sometimes tell myself that my questions are just trivial but working on them with you has prevented a lot of negative self-talk from draining my energy. Wanted to let you know you are 100% natural goodness for people who want results."  (weekly 30-minutes in-person Life Coaching).
" After I saw you the other week, I felt energized, motivated invigorated and so inspired thank you so very much. I am glad I have found you and you are now officially my 'miracle coach' !!!  ...very positive all round and inviting abundance into my life. On the same day I saw you I got myself a new job... and because I was so present and enthusiastic they offered me work there and then... :-)  I have also met my 'partner' so it seems..."     B, Performing Artiste.

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