Reiki Level I Courses,
Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki,
in-person/live online/London or French Riviera, 

In-person Reiki Level I Course London. 1-to-1 or small groups

SATURDAY 25 May 11am-6pm.  Busy that day?  Ask me for availability for this 1-day in-person course, with options to join in reiki "shares" with others.  Small groups with plenty of time for practice and have your questions answered.
Pick a day for just yourself or a few friends.
At my private practice in LONDON SE24,  
or I may be able to visit you (additional cost for travel).
Zoom online is also available.
Contact me 
£185 per person, Reiki Level I course

1-to-1 Reiki Level I Course
3 Evenings 
Just for yourself or a few friends,
in-person or online

Individual coaching and attunements just for you or family/friends.  Book a few evenings (3 x 2 hours).  At my practice in London SE24, or Zoom online, or possibly at your location (additional costs  for travel).  
£195 per person.  Contact me

Reiki Level I Courses for private groups of 6-20 people at your business/community location, home or retreat

Imagine your staff and customers benefitting from Reiki, or your whole retreat bathed in Reiki's high energies!  This Course is beneficial for therapists, hairdressers, yoga centres, retreats, community centres, retirement homes, families and friends, and I'll come to your venue.  Imagine everyone radiating calming high vibes to family, visitors, customers and colleagues...
Discounted group prices. Max. 20 people. 
Approx. 8 hours according to attendees (the more, the longer, to allow for questions and sharing experiences).   Get in touch!

About Reiki Level I Course

Ki/qi/chi/prana/universal life force energy can be invited by us.  Everything is energy and has a vibration.  Holy Fire Reiki comes direct from god/creator/source and therefore has infinitely higher vibrations, is controlled by spirit and our Higher Self (not us consciously), and comes direct from source.  It's powers are divine, limitless, boundless.

Reiki Attunement Courses are wonderfully spiritual, life-affirming, balancing and connect you to your loving authentic self as well as divine life force energies.  Once attuned, it lasts a lifetime!

 Almost anyone can take this 1-day course (or equivalent spread over a few days), including with your children from 6 years old.  You will all be able to give yourself relaxing, empowering Reiki straight after this course.  You will have the time to let the reiki and your understanding settle, ask questions and get individual attention.  I run courses in London and online and the French Riviera.

This is a detailed, practical course so you will understand, practice and confidently give yourself calming, strengthening, balancing Reiki.  There is one Attunement/Placement at Level I. You can expect to confidently give yourself full reiki treatments to promote self-healing.  It is recommended that you give Reiki to family and friends after 21 days of self-practice when your connection will be stronger and constant across all auric levels.  I'll explain all your need on the day!

Positive physical and behavioural changes are commonly experienced after taking Level I Reiki.

If you are already attuned to Reiki and want to add Holy Fire III, and need a refresher course, you're welcome to attend with a discount (I will need to see your original Level I Reiki Certificate).  Many people like having multiple attunements.  Scroll down for details if you just want to add Holy Fire III without attending the whole course.


  • Reiki history
  • Reiki ideals
  • your Reiki lineage
  • about Usui and Holy Fire World Peace
  • Reiki Level I Placement (attunement)
  • how to give yourself Reiki
  • hand positions
  • scanning people/things
  • self-protection
  • space clearing
  • Reiki meditations, visualisations
  • Holy Fire Experiences
  • contraindications & cautions
  • healing crises
  • clearing harmful negativity
  • Reiki Manual (emailed in advance on booking)
  • Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level I Certificate recognised by the UK Reiki Federation and Reiki Membership Association USA
  • follow-up support by phone/email
  • invitations to my Reiki Shares and opportunities to attend other Reiki Shares anywhere in the world

After the Course:  self-treatments for 21 days to allow your whole being to absorb the high Reiki energies across all 7 major chakra and auric levels and escalate your energy. This essential 21 days home practice ensures your Reiki is robust and fully available to you and those you give it to. It's also important to keep hydrated as this enhances the effectiveness of reiki treatments.  

Keep me updated with your reiki journey - it lasts a lifetime!  

Reiki is intelligent, gives the amounts that you can absorb at any given time and always works for a person's highest good. 

After this course, you'll have Reiki in the palm of your hands for life!

Already attuned to Reiki and want to add Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki?

Are you already Reiki Level I?  Why not add powerful Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki to your strengthen your existing Reiki practice with a Placement (attunement) that takes about 2 hours.  This can be either in-person or on Zoom/WhatsApp video.  £85.  Contact me to arrange a suitable time; I will need to see your original Reiki Level I Certificate before we proceed.  

French Riviera retreats:  All-inclusive Reiki Level I Course

Immerse yourself in high vibrational Reiki energies for 2 or 3 days at our beautiful villa in the French Riviera near Cannes.
If you're interested in self-healing, this is the course for you.  You will learn how to give yourself reiki treatments and become attuned to Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki (the latest upgrade). You'll get a Manual and Level I Certificate and have this healing ability for life - for yourself and your family.  Focus on your authentic self, with time to relax and explore the beautiful French Riviera.  Feel The Force!      
Includes bed & breakfast, Welcome Dinner, light lunches on 2 days, tea, fruit, nuts.   
 French Riviera Retreats page  for details, prices, photos, etc.
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testimonials, Reiki I Course

Vivi, a beautiful Chinese girl studying in the UK:
" Reiki I Course was an unforgettable experience in my life. Before attending the course I was quite nervous but Kathy taught me gently, she patiently made everything easier and understandable. I am so thankful for that. Several months afterwards, I tried to give others reiki; they all felt miracle and amazing. I believe I am giving Reiki as well as my love and kindness to them, just like Kathy gives her love and care to us. Reiki is changing my life, it makes my life positively with hope. Love, Vivi."
Straight after the Reiki I Course: "One of the most obvious changes for me is that I slept way better than before. My feeling is becoming stronger and I believe I will experience more in the following days. I am really looking forward to it."

" I feel so blessed. I really enjoyed working with you yesterday. I felt safe and nurtured, heard and balanced. I sang "Let the sunshine in" this morning. Most importantly, I feel as if something is happening and going to happen in a really good way. No ifs, buts or maybes.  And I've already started approaching things in a more adult way. With responsibility, awareness, empathy and responsibility again. It feels different. Thank-you! " Amanda R, 2019, Reiki Course.

" My 1:2:1 Holy Fire Reiki levels I & II training was a transformative life-changing experience. Kathy held such a beautiful space with an angelic & loving presence. She is a very gracious, respectful & attentive teacher. This was such a blessing, I am eternally grateful."  Anna Stubbs, testimonial on google, 2018.

" After spending time with Kathy and teaching me reiki course 1, I have kept practising self-healing everyday and I'm learning more and more about the power of reiki. For 15 years I've had a very self destructive daily habit that as much as I tried over and over again, I kept on failing to stop the repetitive behaviour. During my 21 day self healing, I've found the strength to just stop! I can't tell you how much of a miracle it feels to me. It has and will continue to make a positive difference in all areas of my life. And I'm so so thankful to you Kathy - you are a warm, caring, shining light."  Chrissie, 2017.

" We have now completed the Reiki I Attunement. I had an amazing experience the past two days, a lot of different physical feelings and emotional feelings, some of which I had never experienced before. I was very tense and worried before I came for the first session but I am now so glad that I went through this process. I have a feeling of relief (huge relief) inside of me but also peace, joy, happiness and contentment. I hope to hold these feelings with me always. Thank you so much Kathy for making this experience as gentle and smooth as possible; it has made all the difference I guess, and thank you for sharing this gift."   Pauline, 2018.

more testimonials on Google maps,  Chamber of Commerce, and my testimonials page

Reiki Course for you and a partner/family

Ask me about running a Reiki attunement course at your home for your family members or just yourself and your partner; at your location or at mine.    get in touch