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Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Level 2 course (Practitioner Level), 

in-person and live online courses,  


London, Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki, Level 2 Practitioner Course

The benefit of adding Holy Fire III World Peace version is that Reiki will go directly to your recipient - rather than through you - and to you as well. It is also fast, works online and distant, is very powerful and of course promotes inner peace.  

At my calm cottage in leafy Herne Hill London SE24.  When you book, please specify date you'd like to attend or ask me for other dates.  You could also book a 1-to-1 (and invite a friend for an hour as part of your Practitioner assessment).  
If you're already at Level II in any style of Reiki, you can attend all or part of an existing course - see below to Re-Take Level II Course.

Upcoming Level II dates: 
Sunday 23 July 12 noon - 7pm in London 
Other dates: contact me for dates to suit you.  

For ONLINE courses - scroll down.

Usui Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki,
Level 2 Course (Practitioner level)

Level 2 courses are open to anyone that is already at Level I in any Reiki style for at least a month.  Contact me to book this 1 day or 2-half-days course, with the date advertised or let's find your own dates.

Reiki Level II typically promotes additional mental and emotional changes.  Bring it on!

This is a thorough, in-depth course, with lots of individual attention; if you'd like to develop your own existing Reiki and help more people in this uniquely healing way. 

After 21 days of sufficient home practice, you can expect to confidently send Distant Reiki as well as give reiki professionally to others setting up as a Reiki Practitioner (with your country's insurance for complementary therapists and obtaining membership of a Reiki organisation).  

It's an honour and priviledge to help you every step of your Reiki journey.   


  • Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki, level 2 Placement (Attunement)
  • review of your Reiki level I
  • increase your spirituality and connection to Reiki
  • scanning people and things
  • 3 powerful Holy Fire III Reiki meditation Experiences
  • 3 sacred Reiki symbols and the Holy Fire symbol, and how to use them
  • self-protection
  • scanning
  • what you might experience when giving reiki to others
  • Reiki practice on yourself and each other
  • how to do distance/absent Reiki, for your home, family/friends, important events and goals, anywhere, any time
  • Beaming Reiki with your eyes
  • all you need to know to develop your own Reiki practice should you wish to become a Practitioner of Reiki.  
  • how to use it alongside your current work, life, meditations, exercise, yoga etc.
  • invite a friend to the course (for 1 hour only) to give a reiki treatment as part of your assessment
  • Reiki Level 2 Manual
  • Certificate (present this to become a member of UK Reiki Federation, and/or ICRT Reiki Membership Association (USA) if you wish).
  • teas, light refreshments
  • invitations to my Reiki Shares (practice, share stories with other Reiki people) and Reiki Shares anywhere in the world
  • email/phone support after the Course

If you already have Reiki Level 2 

and would like to add Holy Fire III World Peace version of Reiki, or simply enjoy re-attunements, you can also attend this course with a discount. I find that a lot of people like receiving multiple attunements even from different Master Teachers.  You can join in the whole or part of a Level 2 course: it costs £100 for people who are already at Level II (bring your original Reiki Level II Certificate as proof). 

If my dates are inconvenient, we can arrange an attunement/Placement date to suit you. About 2-3 hours, £100. Scroll down to book "Re-Take Level II Course" and click the PayPal button when we've agreed on a time/date. 

Remember  -  

The benefit of adding Holy Fire III World Peace version is that Reiki will go directly to your recipient - rather than through you - and to you as well. It is fast, works online/distant, is very powerful and promotes inner and world peace.  

Not practiced Reiki for a long while? 

Lots of people come to me wanting to re-light their reiki spark again.  I’ll coach you through and answer any questions you might have. Take this course to remind yourself of why you love reiki, how simple it is to use and give to others, and further explore many ways to use it in your life.  

book a course

complete Level 2 Course, £220.

in Herne Hill London SE24, or the French Riviera (ask for details), or at your location (extra charge applies for travel).   
(I also offer private 1-to-1 Courses in-person or online just for yourself, at an additional  £50. Ask me for convenient dates.)   
contact me 

2 friends, complete Level 2 Course,
1 day or 2 half-days,
£400 for two people.

A favourite with couples and you save a bit of money!  In Herne Hill London SE24 or on the French Riviera (ask for details), or at your location (extra charge  applies according to distance).  Tell me your dates or choose from the dates above. contact me

your own group of 5 to 15 people, complete Level 2 Course, 
£190 each

at your location.  Specially suitable for retreats, masseurs, therapists, hairdressers and yoga centres.  Imagine how relaxed you'll all feel even before you start treating your customers! This Course is on 2 consecutive days or 1 long day (8 hours).  Discounts for bigger groups, which will require two consecutive days.  
Get in touch!

Re-take Reiki Level II Course

If you already have Reiki Level II, in any style, you can join in for part or all of an existing Usui/Reiki Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Level II Course.  This is the most recent upgrade of Holy Fire Reiki energies.  The benefits include that Reiki goes directly to the recipient rather than through you, and of course it flows directly to you as well.
Contact me to book.
You will need to bring your existing Level II Reiki Certificate.
Join in the for all or part of an existing course for only £100. PayPal button below.
(if it’s just for you, it will be £150 and allow 3-4 hours. Contact me to book your own day.)

ONLINE Reiki Level 2 course (Practitioner)

You will need to be Level I (any Reiki style) for at least a month before taking this course.  Please show me your Level I Reiki certificate when you book.  After the course you will get a Certificate for Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki, Practitioner Level 2.

This online course is 1 full day (eg.10am-7pm), or on 2-3 daytimes/evenings (preferred) to allow for energy integration, home study and practice.  This can be one your own or with your friends or as part of a group.
As an "Usui/Holy Fire III Online and In-Person World Peace Reiki Master", I'm qualified to give live online Reiki training 
- so wherever you live, you will be receiving Reiki, become attuned to it and be able to give Reiki to others in-person and online/remotely with Distance Reiki.  I will need to observe you online giving Reiki to a friend or member of your family in order to assess and qualify you at this Practitioner level: You will need to ask someone to be present for 1 hour or more on the last portion of your online training.

Online Reiki Level 2 course, £220 per person.

1-day Level 2 Practitioner Course for Physical Therapists

Approx. 7 hours. Especially suitable for massage/Shiatsu therapists and nursing/care professionals already used to giving therapies, this is a slightly shorter course.  Imagine... you could intend for Reiki to flow in the room and to your customers before and whilst you're treating them, as well as high vibe energy Reiki for your whole premises.  £200 Contact me with your preferred dates/times.

testimonials, Reiki level 2 courses

" Kathy has been a wonderful inspiration to me. I took Reiki 2 with her in a beautiful retreat in the south of France it was an all engaging experience which has been very beneficial to me and those I have had the privilege to practice on. I have also had Reiki treatments from Kathy which have helped enormously and I am now benefiting from having personal training sessions with her. My sincere thanks to her for helping me move towards my goals."  Jacqueline, 2019-present 2022 

" Kathy is a wonderful Reiki practitioner and it was a real joy to do the Reiki course with her. She is patient, passionate and has a beautiful sense of calm when teaching. Since completing the course I have felt a profound shift in the way I approach life. I feel my old unhelpful habits are loosening and that there is a new path opening up in front of me. I would strongly recommend studying with Kathy."  Kathryn, Drama Teacher, 2018
Paula C, Levels I and II, 2018:  " Kathy, thank you so much for this amazing day."  And some weeks later, "This is just to let you know that everything is ok on my side, I'm back to work now and Reiki is working its magic there as well, as you told me it would, and it feels great... It is very interesting, I have a lot of new sensations in my hands and within my body. I can feel more." 

" My 1:2:1 Holy Fire Reiki levels I & II training was a transformative life-changing experience. Kathy held such a beautiful space with an angelic & loving presence. She is a very gracious, respectful & attentive teacher. This was such a blessing, I am eternally grateful."  Anna Stubbs, testimonial on Google, 2018, Reiki Courses.

People have also reported visions and hearings, ancestral communication, angelic presence, physical sensations, dramatic filmic adventures, temperature changes, coloured lights and deep peace.