The Mind Body and Soul Coach Kathy Yvanovich welcomes you

Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace online and in-person Reiki Master and Teacher

ART Advanced Reiki Training and
Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace
online and in-person
Reiki Master 

Thank you for looking into Advanced Reiki Training and Master level training with me.  The commitment to healing is for a lifetime and becoming a Reiki Master and/or Master Teacher is a calling, a vocation, a feeling that one must.  This course is the latest upgrade of Usui Holy Fire Reiki.  Becoming a Reiki Master is a serious step and one must have Reiki Level I, Level II for at least 10 months, and have given treatments to others as well as have a regular personal meditative and reiki self-practice; one must know all the Level II symbols and be able to draw them from memory.  If you're interested, thank you, and read on, lovely being...

The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and infinite, and you don't have to teach.  The additional healing, symbols, techniques and knowledge adds value to your healing abilities for yourself and others.  Your personal vibration will increase, joy, peace and abundance, adding light to the whole planet.  Your own Reiki will be stronger, and clairvoyance, perception and synchronicity in your life.

Master Level typically prompts us to live authentically.  Reiki can activate and help you follow your life purpose, your true spiritual path, your uniquely perfect-for-you plan that is exactly what is good, right and healthy for you. 
After completing this 3-day course and associated homework and practice, you will be able to attune others, if you wish, to Reiki in person and online at reiki levels 1, 2, ART (advanced reiki training) and Master. You can also take additional teacher training with me (see below) if you want to run your own formal courses.

"In the end, we must consider that the process of becoming a Reiki Master is not a process in which we master Reiki, but one in which we allow Reiki to master us."


Of course you can also take this course to simply take your own reiki journey further.  There’s no obligation to run your own courses or attune others.  It’s your personal spiritual journey.

This vocational, combined Course lasts 3 consecutive days.   

You can attend if you have had any Reiki style at Level 2 (Practitioner) for at least 10 months.  You will benefit from my ongoing mentoring, guidance and support 3 months after the course (meeting 1-to-1 if you need to). 

I  also offer an additional Teacher training course (details below) if’ you’re serious about running your own courses right up to Teacher level.

If you are at home due to illness/lockdown, part of this course can be live online or videophone.   

I run regular Reiki Shares and of course you can attend Reiki Shares anywhere in the world - and set up your own.

Contact me for dates, availability and tell me why you'd like to be a Reiki Master.  It's always an honour and a blessing!

  • 3 consecutive days
  • purpose of Master level
  • review of Usui Reiki all levels, and Holy Fire III Reiki
  • Master symbol ignition
  • Holy Fire symbol ignition
  • Master Placement (attunement)
  • Reiki meditations 
  •  3 Holy Fire Experiences
  • self-protection
  • practical sessions on other people 
  • daily exercises
  • Reiki lineage 
  • extensive Master Manual by William Lee Rand (founder of Holy Fire Reiki)
  • after the course, you will be making case studies for me to review if you wish to run your own courses
  • Master Certificate (presented after case studies review and witnessing you practice reiki for others) that you can use to become a member of Reiki organisations in your country including UK Reiki Federation (the largest Reiki organisation in the UK), and ICRT Reiki Members Association (USA).

Usui Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki, Master level  (3 consecutive days)   £500.

Additional Reiki Teacher Training

By the end of your Advanced Reiki Training and Master course and your own practice, you might not feel you're quite ready to teach Reiki.  I  know I wasn’t ready straight away!

This 1-year ongoing support will help you to teach all levels of traditional Usui or Usui/Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki with confidence, and supports you on your own evolving spiritual path.

Additional Teacher Training can take up to 1 year, consisting of mentoring, review of your case studies, guidance and support, online/phone or in person. There’s an additional certificate with Teacher on it.  The commitment to healing is for a lifetime and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is a calling, a vocation.  Contact me for availability and tell me your concerns and why you'd like to be a Reiki Master Teacher.  I will help you with:

  • in-person or virtual training sessions by mutual arrangement, and ongoing support by email/phone
  • review of Reiki I, 2, Master / Holy Fire III, online and in person and, importantly, writing your own Manual 
  • the purpose of Reiki Teacher Training
  • teaching Reiki
  • setting up your own courses
  • writing your own Manual
  • finding clients
  • healing crises - what to do
  • Reiki meditations and Holy Fire Experiences
  • learn how to give Placements (attunements) and Ignitions) and Holy Fire Experiences
  • how to deliver Spirit Attachment Release
  • daily exercises
  • sit in and help teach Reiki courses and Reiki Shares, and evaluate 
  • Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher Certificate, recognised by UK Reiki Federation (largest Reiki organisation in the UK) and the ICRT Reiki Membership Association (USA).
Namaste.  Wishing you love and light.

£150  Reiki Teacher Training for existing Reiki Masters (any Reiki style)

French Riviera retreats

If you wish to do your Reiki course away from home and enjoy the French Riviera, visit us at our bijou Belle Epoque villa in Golfe Juan, next to Cannes, by the sea.  Get in touch and tell me when you'd like to visit for a few days!