My daughter occasionally took me to yoga classes many years ago and it was something to do together which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Years later, I decided to finally became a Yoga Instructor, aged 60+, and joined Yoga Alliance. Do you want to try Yoga for the first time, incorporate it in your fitness regime, or focus on certain aspects in your current yoga practice?  Maybe you need to focus on breath, technique, flexibility, improve your digestion, core strength, balance (literally as well as balancing your chakras), feel grounded, loved and connected to source and earth.  You might be ready to expand your spiritual connection overall.

The physical postures, called asanas, are just one of eight "limbs" of Yoga.  I teach slow flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing) practices, Yoga Nidra (guided meditative rest) - whatever the label, just embrace the union of mind, body and spirit.  I like to include the other limbs of yoga for a fuller, more rounded experience.

 1-to-1 or group sessions, in your home/workspace or outdoors (south east London Dulwich area).  Sessions are typically 60-80 minutes but can be adjusted for you.
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70-90 minutes yoga session

in person/online. Can iInclude Yoga Nidra (relaxing meditation) in Savasana (lying down) at the end of class.  1-to-1 PT or small group.  £70.

5 yoga sessions

in person/online, 1-to-1 PT or small groups.  £350.

10 yoga sessions

in person/online, 1-to-1 PT or small groups in your home/workplace.  £700.

Yoga and Reiki

1 hour Yoga and 1 hour Reiki.  Feel balanced, strong, calm and connected.  £90.


I first met Kathy when she was doing Personal Training, prior to her reiki and life coaching business. She was a great motivator... unfortunately, due to job loss and other events, I plunged into depression. Kathy was the only thing that kept me going. I remember days of total silence, yet Kathy put up with a complete zombie. Kathy herself has come through a lot of things in life and is one of the most positive, joyful people I know. She will enhance your life!"  M. Thompson, "personable, high integrity, creative"

" Over many years., Kathy has provided the perfect balance of challenge and support to ensure I reach my short term goals or maintain my well being. She is knowledgeable, insightful , thoughtful and authentically focused on what I need without letting me off the hook! Thank you Kathy!" Mel Richards.  PT exercise, zumba, yoga.