Hello, I'm Kathy, The Mind Body and Soul Coach.
Holistic PT, yoga and dance instructor, gentle talking therapist and healer. 
Delighted to meet you!

I help people keep fit, stop addictions, overcome challenges and let go of what no longer serves them; I'll help you feel better, in control, balanced, live authentically and purposefully with more joy and inner peace.  We can meet online/phone or in person, 1-to-1 or groups in south east London, and near Cannes, French Riviera.

Talking sessions for your MIND

 Fight and diminish fears, phobias, anxiety, bad habits; install new beliefs, faith and confidence: 

book NLP, Psych-K(r), holistic Life Coaching, with EFT tapping tuition free on demand.

Fitness for your BODY

PT, group exercise and dance fitness classes, Yoga

Healing for your SOUL

Reiki energy treatments and attunement courses to self-heal; meditations

Getaway packages for you and your friends in the Cote d'Azur, France

My passion

My  passion is to help people mind, body and soul - naturally - and to enjoy better fitness, health and lifestyles; accept what we can't change, do what we can with what we've got, and step into our brightness despite circumstances, history and environment.  Once we access inner strengths, become healthier and feel better in mind, body and soul, life becomes more easy-going and successful.  With my commitment to your wishes and with encouragement, you'll find what you need - positivity, creativity, love, inner peace, etc. - and make some wishes come true. We're stronger together!  
Once upon a time, I didn't know how to escape from really bad stuff in my life. Years on, I'm forever grateful for all those teachers and people who helped me through.  Now, at these uniquely strange times, everyone's gone through unprecedented upheavals and may be experiencing the aftermath.  Fortunately, nowadays it's deemed okay to seek help, voice our feelings and achieve some dreams. Thanks for thinking of me!
I started out as a jazz dance teacher-choreographer in the 1980's, notably working with pop stars, choreographing fashion shows and was "Strictly..." judge Bruno Tonioli's substitute dance teacher and assistant.  In the 1990's I trained as an actress and taught children's drama parties and classes; and retrained to teach all sorts of exercise, gym equipment and PT; world/jazz dance (including Zumba), and became a yoga instructor pre-Covid. 
It is an honour and a privilege helping people with their fitness, habits, diet, life balance, motivation and confidence.  Now in my 60s, I have had a lot of client experience.
Personally, I'm honest, patient, non-competitive, non-judgemental, holistic and spiritual.  
My life purpose, I think, is aiding people achieve some of the successes and states they have dreamt of with enhanced strength, motivation and confidence.
Retraining further in multiple talking therapies and complementary therapeutic healing boosts success rates and spiritual wellbeing with customised sessions.  I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2005 and Reiki Master Teacher for over 6 years.

As we change over the years so do our circumstances, aspirations and strengths.  I'll help you rise above whatever's happening in your head, your body and your environment, stop issues that have blocked you for too long, alleviate toxins, pain, stress, excesses, excuses, self-worth issues and personal baggage, honour your aspirations and value the unique and richly wonderful person you truly are. 

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member of UK Reiki Federation, CNHC, Reiki Membership Association USA, FitPro member since 1991, Yoga Alliance, CIMSPA, INLPTA and Psych-K(r), and formerly Zumba Instructor Network.