Hello!  I'm Kathy Yvanovich, The Mind Body and Soul Coach.
Pleased to meet you!

I help people who want to get out of a low mood, stop an addiction, or want emotional support, get fit, are at a crossroads (career/personal), overwhelmed, lonely or even fighting off paparazzi.
I'm happy to help you find your true self again, achieve balance, stability, self-control, success in its myriad forms, inner peace and just be comfortable. You'll tap into your
 vast powerhouse inside yourself, self-heal, balance your chakras and your life, chill or thrill, and ease yourself out of emotional blocks,
with uniquely holistic solutions to feel better in your mind and body, healthier, connected, loved, strong, confident, motivated and in control. You'll honour the truly wonderful soul you are.  You can cut out the negative chatter, bring in good thoughts, change outmoded beliefs and damaging behaviours - and quickly, too. 
What makes you feel good?  What makes your soul sing?

Personal fitness exercise training, Yoga, Zumba Gold.
Talking "therapies": NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Psych-K belief change, EFT tapping, and Life Coaching.
Energy treatments: Reiki treatments, courses, Meditations.
In person (London) and online appointments.
Our sessions together can be a ray of sunshine to lift you up!
Tell me what you need and want

My passion

My passion is to heal inside and out, mind body and soul, enjoy a wonderful life no matter what, and accept and be better versions of ourselves. 
Once upon a time, I didn't know how to escape from deep depression, violence, abandonment and fear.  But I did.  For a long time now,  I'm forever grateful for all those teachers and people who helped me through.  At these strange, new normal times, everyone's going through unprecedented changes and upheavals.  Fortunately, nowadays it's deemed okay to seek help - thanks for thinking of me!
My clients get over stuff, move on, access inner strengths, get fitter and feel good - naturally - in mind body and soul; with encouragement, positivity, creativity, love, inner peace, and more easily feel truly happy and grateful... From there it's easier to operate, attract and manifest your dreams.  We're stronger together.  What would change in your life when you've reached those dreams, when you accept yourself as you are right now, and what do you want to sustainably evolve into?  Let me help you achieve your treasured goals.

Ever since I started out as a jazz dance teacher-choreographer in the 1980's, through teaching all sorts of exercise styles for all sorts of people, I've enjoyed helping my clients with their fitness, healthy habits and nutrition, inner motivation and confidence despite the odds, retraining in complementary therapies to boost happiness and spiritual wellbeing with confidential customised sessions.  1-to-1, small or large groups.  

As we change over the years, so do our circumstances, aspirations and strengths.  I'll help you rise above whatever's happening in your head, your body and your environment, stop issues that have blocked you for too long, alleviate toxins, pain, stress, excesses, self-worth issues and personal baggage, honour your aspirations and value the unique and richly wonderful person you truly are.

See me in south London, Zoom or videophone, and the occasional retreat; I may be able to visit you.  Contact me with your requirements.