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Sometimes we need encouragement, acknowledgement, instruction and supervision so we don't over-exercise or move too little.  I will turn up for your PT/dance/exercise sessions ready and keen to help you on your fitness journey whatever that may be.
Most of my clients are over 50 but if you're not there yet, call me anyway!
If you want a mature, experienced instructor/PT, I could be the one for you.  With over 40 years experience in teaching dance, exercise and lately yoga, I'm non-competitive, non-judgemental, adaptable to your fitness needs and will always prioritise your wellbeing.
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Some of my clients just want a fun dance class or a great stretch to enhance their fitness regime (extra core work, for example); some need to get back to exercise after a long break, or can't get motivated on their own and need me to help them; some like variety of exercise; some have special considerations, eg. a previous injury/condition.  Whatever you want from a mature, experienced PT, tell me and let's arrange a meeting or initial consultation in person or remotely online. 

You probably already know that appropriate exercise, correct posture, movement and breathing practices can beat anxiety and stress (remembering that stress = fatigue), improve sleep, minimize aches and pains, feels freeing as well as many other benefits of regular, suitably tailored movement.  
Did you know that it’s easier to change our state than our minds, and that changing our posture immediately affects our minds and our moods?  Tell me what you need...

Our PT sessions could additionally combine physical exercise with confidence-building, intrinsic motivation and mental techniques to align your whole being (conscious mind, subconscious, unconscious, higher self) to your fitness goals, as well as regular dietary reminders, reviews or  guidelines.  

My clients tell me that exercise becomes easier, their sleep is better, movement smoother, healthy choices more natural and automatic, success feels realistic, goals happen, and they feel happier about sustaining their goals. 
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Immunity and MICT, moderate intensity continuous training

Recent research has led to Dr Paul Batman publishing a paper in 2022, Physical Activity and the Immune System.  In a nutshell...
Significant positive changes in immune system functioning can occur as a result of continual habitual physical activity:
MICT 3-5 times a week for an average of 30-60 minutes per session (for at least 12 weeks for measurable difference).
Moderate-intensity continuous training, MICT, rather than HIIT (high intensity interval training which has been all the rage for a few years), could be more effective in creating positive changes to T-cell functioning and improving immunity. (HIIT can decrease helper T-cell concentration and reduce total T-cell numbers and helper T-cells by 38%!) Whereas MICT increased total T-cell number and helper T-cells by 20%! 

Neutrophils are very potent weapons against infection - but too many can cause damage to healthy tissue. (If you want to improve immunity, don't over-exert yourself with HIIT or equivalent exercise!)  If we're training for a sporting event, however, we need to be more aware of how we feel, how much to exert ourselves, avoiding stress/burnout/injury etc; and to rest and recover sufficiently.
Improved immunity is associated with a reduction in the accuracy of neutrophil migration and the decreased clearance of bacteria. Neutrophils are key leukocytes that arrive at infected sites and can increase in number from resistance training lasting more than 30 minutes, as well as continuous aerobic training and high-intensity exercise; but only remain elevated for 30-60 minutes post-exercise. This means that we need to exercise DAILY. (Examples could be faster walking, just picking up your pace until your puffing a bit but not so out of breath that you can't string a sentence together.)  The migration of neutrophil is critical in controlling infection, inflammation and wound repair and, if neutrophil does not migrate sufficiently, can cause damage to surrounding tissues by elevated protein breakdown leading to further immobility.  
Inactivity and sedentary behaviour can play a significant role in a further loss of speed and accuracy. Neutrophil performance is highly regulated and dependent on physical activity levels: the more active you are, the greater improvement in neutrophil functioning can be.  
Improvements in aerobic capacity, glucose control and reduced body fat could be the catalyst for improvements in neutrophil functioning.

Physical activity is a powerful mediator for improving immunity during the ageing process as well as offsetting immunosenescence.
With an increase in T-cell mobilisation immediately during and after an exercise bout that tends to be higher in more physically active older adults, indicates the gains are much greater with ongoing participation in all movement.

As they say on TV's "Strictly Come Dancing": "Keeeep dancing!"

If you find it difficult to achieve MICT 3-5 times a week, contact me and let's sort out a healthy programme for you.