What can I expect from personal training with the mind, body and soul coach Kathy Yvanovich?

How I work

I commit to YOU, and will keep focused on Your well-being, no matter what!

I'll come to you (usually around south east London, and Surrey), or you could visit us near Cannes, French Riviera, and combine fitness and your well-being with a holiday!   

Workplace visits in London are possible.
Exclusive 1-to-1, couples, small groups.
You'll combine physical exercise with mental techniques to align your whole being (conscious mind, unconscious mind, higher self) to your fitness goals, for faster, lasting results.  

My clients tell me that exercise becomes easier, movement generally more smooth, healthy choices more natural, success feels more certain and starts to happen immediately.

You'll receive occasional emails and texts with related inspiration, short videoclips and information as needs arise.

  • indoors / outdoors
  • relaxation for home and at work
  • stretches for greater mobility
  • strength and stability training
  • flexibility, speed and balance training
  • Red Carpet / beach body sculpting
  • flatter belly, core, waistline
  • fat loss recommendations
  • post-natal exercise
  • your lifestyle specific exercise
  • some sport specific (eg. skiing)
  • enhanced Performance Visualisation
  • post-injury recovery (in conjunction with your physiotherapist)
  • mat/floor-work, Yoga in some of its many forms, bands, hand weights, rebounder, Swiss ball, Chi ball, Kamagon ball, circuits, speed training, HIIT/LIIT (high intensity / low impact interval training), easy cycling (not racing), slide trainer, yoga, Pilates,  dance, Zumba dance... Variety brings new physical challenges for a stronger, more adaptive body!
  • dietary reviews
  • toxins review
  • Reiki chi/energy to relax, alleviate pain and cope with changes better
  • kinesiology muscle testing
  • you can swap your PT session with LifeCoaching, NLP, Psych-K or Reiki any time
  • friends and family discounts
  • inspiration, motivation, confidence-building, and nagging on request!